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TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on blockchain.We build the ecosystem that will provide celebrities,fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction and engagement.TokenStars decentralizes the talent sourcing process to ensure a high-quality flow of candidates.Unlike traditional agencies with limited number of in-house scouts, TokenStars creates a Global Scouts Network,encouraging scouts with well balanced stimuli to bring the most talented players to our platform.The core idea behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars,fans and advertisers to a new level and solve celebrity management industry problems. 


The core idea behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers to a new level and solve celebrity management industry problems.

  • Stars: talents and pros. In an era when professional career development highly relies on the ability to attract social capital and access the funding sources, stars need more ways to get discovered by the audience and sponsors.
  • Fans. The balance of celebrities, fans, and media has shifted dramatically. Fans no longer just watch. In real time they participate, analyze, critique, fantasize and connect with their favorite stars. Fans need innovations that will provide opportunities for interaction and two-way communications with celebrities.
  • Advertisers. Brands seek new channels of promotion with highly engaged audience and demand transparent and adjustable tools to run advertising campaigns.

 TokenStars understand that in order to encourage collaboration between huge number of participants TokenStars shall develop scalable digital solutions and competitive incentives for all parties.Therefore, TokenStars build the modular blockchain platform that will allow participants to combine its blocks and achieve the desired results. Eventually it will change the way how celebrities connect with their fans and advertisers, making it more efficient and valuable.TokenStars introduce TEAM token to empower the interaction between parties. TEAM tokens (ERC-20 standard) will serve as a form of access to the TokenStars platform and as an internal currency, required for the majority of operations and transactions within TokenStarsecosystem. 

Blockchain Technology

TokenStars choice of blockchain as underlying technology of the TokenStars platform allows us to build transparent, scalable and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans, scouts, promoters and advertisers. TokenStars will grant fans community leaders with tools to audit the 14 records of blockchain distributed ledger to prove the transparency of interaction and avoid the potential conflicts between the participants. 

Token Details

  • NAME: Star Token
  • TOKEN PRICE: 1 TEAM = 0.0001 BTC
  • SOFT CAP: $ 1,000,000
  • HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000
  • Total Supply: 75,000,000 TEAM

 The TokenStars project is creation of an amazing team. TheTokenStars team has gathered outstanding sports and entertainment professionals to join project’s advisory board. These ambassadors share their expertise in sports & entertainment and provide connections within the global S&E industry. Experienced professionals, that knows the ins and outs of building a successful career path, help us select the most promising talents to support. Globally recognized ambassadors attract audience to TokenStars platform. 

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