TOKENGO ICO. Everything you need to know about referral bonus program.

One of the most promising platforms TOKENGO, has finished pre-sale and has started ICO on February 27th. More than 2 000 ETH has been collected already and it’s no doubt that soft cap of 10 000 ETH will be met! The ICO procedure will take 2 month and will finish on April 30th. During ICO you have great opportunity not only to buy tokens at discount, you will have additional bonus for buying them at the very beginning.

30% bonus for the First Week of ICO.
20% bonus for the Second Week of ICO.
10% bonus for the Third Week of ICO.
5% bonus for the Fourth Week of ICO.
There is a great referral bonus program in which you can participate and by attracting more investors you not only help the team and community to meet the hard cap, but also earn additional tokens from all the friends you invite to the ICO. When you buy tokens, referral link is activated. Use it to invite your friends to invest in TokenGO and receive your referral bonus! There is a simple scheme for calculating your personal bonus:

Purchase of 100 to 1000 GPT = 5% to the invitee and 10% to the inviter.
Purchase of 1001 to 5000 GPT = 10% to the invitee and 20% to the inviter.
Purchase of 5001 to 1000 GPT = 15% to the invitee and 25% to the inviter.
Purchase of 10001 GPT = 20% to the invitee and 30% to the inviter.
As you can see, not only you, but your friend as well will receive bonus while purchasing tokens during ICO so it’s win-win combination which will help you to attract more people to participate in the ICO. To resume I should say that it is great project with massive potential and you should not miss your chance on buying some tokens during ICO while they are cheap. The platform will help other smaller teams to enter into ICOs with their products and currencies providing all necessary tools for arrangement of ICO on a turnkey basis.

To participate, visit TokenGo platform website on

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