What is TokenGo, in two words?

Let us speak a little bit about the platform, what is it about, what can it do?

TokenGo is a project on its own blockchain, which combines various modules within the platform and a single personal cabinet for all your needs.

What modules will be available?

  1. The designer of sites and cabinets for holding ICOs, which allows you to quickly create simple site for launching ICO and your personal cabinet for receiving crypto-investments from people.

  2. The designer of personal cabinets for carrying out Bounty campaigns, where you can select the required tasks from the list, determine the cost and moderation methods while any of the platform user will be able to participate in the campaign.

  3. Crowdfunding platform for conducting ICOs, which will automatically place information about all ICO projects undergoing in TokenGo which will enable any member of the community to participate in any of them. Authors of ICO projects within the framework of this platform will be able to access all the necessary tools for the initial coin offering.

  4. The designer of smart contracts, through which the creation of smart contracts will turn into a standard and simple solution that does not require long multitasking manipulations.

  5. Harvesting (voting), within which each participant write articles, projects, can vote and comment for a generous reward.

  6. Crypto-currency exchange, through which all operations with external token (GoPower or GPT) and the internal payments token (GoCoin or GOC) will be serviced, as well as all tokens that will be released within the framework of the site on the TokenGo blockchain.

Thus, within the framework of a single personal cabinet of the TokenGo platform, the user will be able to see all the information about the investments made, participation in the Bounty campaigns, purchases on the exchange, earnings through the harvesting, etc.

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