A small overview of a company TokenGo

Hello, friends!
What is TokenGo and what do they offer?
TokenGo is a multifunctional blockchain platform with a huge range of functions. In one sentence, all is not described, so let's understand in order, what offers TokenGo.

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Smart contract designer. With TokenGo, everyone can create a contract that will allow you to transfer money in exchange for goods or services. The money comes to the seller at the same time when he fulfils his obligations. The creators of TokenGo plan to cooperate with many companies that are ready to work and make payments in cryptocurrency, with a minimum Commission and fast speed of translation.
Blockchain crowdfunding platform. Any person who wants to raise funds either for his startup in the business, or even for holding an ICO of his own cryptocurrency, can use the services of TokenGo to raise funds. Investors, in turn, will be protected by the same smart contract and guaranteed to get what they paid for. Also, thanks to the landing page designer integrated into Token Go, everyone can quickly create a page of their startup and in a few clicks connect it to a common system for fundraising or selling services.
TokenGo community web site is a place where people can post their media content, reviews and feedback about companies and products, share analytical forecasts, discuss, comment, vote, etc.the purpose of the Community is to post a really high — quality product and content that will be actively discussed and analyzed by all participants. And the coolest feature — for your activity, even for the comments left, you will receive a reward in the form of some number of altcoins GoCoin!
In other words, TokenGo is a resource that allows one person to make money selling their goods and services, other people — to buy these goods and services and receive additional remuneration for reviews and discussions of projects and goods placed on this site. This, in turn, will allow potential investors to choose the right products and projects for their investments.
In General, if you are ready to devote some of your time to perform a task, then this project will suit you well, because the project pays very well for the tasks.

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