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Hello, dear readers. I think, you already heard about sensational promising project TokenGo? If not, I'll briefly tell you about the features of this platform: the TokenGo Platform is based on a blockchain that uses proprietary developments that are designed and coded from the ground up to improve speed and scale. Any mobile or web application can access the blockchain functions through a Simple tokengo API.
With the help of the project, you can create your own tokens, and with the help of the bounty Cabinet - holds the bounty of the company inside the platform itself, which will reduce the time to liquidity and increase the price of the token itself.In addition, the platform TokenGo allows you to quickly create its own cryptocurrency without complex appeals and trials in programming. You will be able to configure all the necessary settings, as well as determine whether the transaction fee will be charged. Above, I described only a few promising and worthwhile project ideas, although they are many times more. More information about the project can be found on their official website by clicking on the link
Now the project completes the last stage of ICO, there are twelve days left, and if you turn to the roadmap, the next stage will be the implementation of the GoPower token, the possibility of its sale and purchase on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. How can I get a GoPower token? Very simply, you can buy it on the project website, or participate in a profitable bounty company, earning platform tokens for activity in social networks

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