Hello, my dear friend’s. Today I will tell you about a promising project TokenPay.

Let’s start story about the TokenPay Project.
In 2010 group of people working on a startup project called TokenPay.
The mission of the company is clear. TokenPay wanted to provide a secure and anonymous way
for a consumer to pay a merchant by credit card. The technology was
impressive and unique. Transactions occurred directly on the merchant’s
website through a client-side API. The platform worked, but there was a key
missing element. That is, the ability to obtain card processing proved to be an
insurmountable hurdle for the team. Despite an active compliance program
that included all the usual KYC and AML procedures, no bank would agree to
process for TokenPay.
TokenPay - is a decentralized and self-configuring payment platform project. Based solely on math, it is designed to provide secure transactions between multiple versions.

Security the TokenPay Project.
With maximum user security as a focus, the system only accesses through the encrypted Tor browser. Transactions are conducted using a proprietary and unconventional digital asset called TPAY, which is built into the latest and most advanced security features.

Two principal Differences between TPAY and Bitcoin.
1.TokenPay is a Proof-of-Stake system, whereas the Bitcoin network is powered by inefficient Proof-of-Work mining.
2.TokenPay incorporates additional security and privacy features that are not included in the original Bitcoin blockchain source code.

A new bank.
TokenPay is planning to form a new bank charter, partner or acquire a licensed bank in Vanuatu. One negotiation currenly underway is with a bank that has a great reputation and all the necessary relationships to make international transfers possible. As TokenPay desires to cater to cryptocurrency customers by tailoring the compliance department around this theme, this is a crucial first step. The creation of a a bank that is fully committed to customers with cryptocurrencies is the ideal situation.

Own international debit card.

The concept behind the fully integrated BlueDiamond debit card is that it will be easy to load given its direct connection to the TokenPay digital wallets. Therefore, spending can be done virtually or at any point-of-sale merchant either online or in person. Additionally, the international debit card allows instant access to multi-currency funds at network automated teller machines.

Our favorite the Bounty Project.

The company provides “bounty hunters” a huge selection of so-called “tasks”. Starting from Facebook publications and blogging, ending working with active Bitcointalk users.

Information about the project.
Official site:





Register on the project here

Information about me:
Telegram: @DmitryG8
BTT URL:;u=1391603

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