World Bit Bank - The world’s first legal cryptocurrency bank!

Bitcoin is already a dinosaur in the world of cryptocurrency, it is replaced by more modern money that does not require huge farms to receive them. They can be produced on a smartphone, they are more rapid and versatile in making payments. The essence of cryptocurrencies is that they can not be American or, for example, Russian – is initially decentralized system. And therefore the rules for handling them need to be uniform for all countries of the world.

Unlike the current "dollar" financial system, a decentralized system based on blockchain systems is more transparent and open. Recently, the Internet is increasingly possible to see information about the new form of virtual currency earnings. It consists in the extraction of digital coins (cryptocurrency), which, unlike the currency, is protected from counterfeiting and has a number of other advantages.

For the appearance of money in electronic form on the Bank's account, they must be entered into the account in the material embodiment: through the banking service or payment terminal. As for the cryptocurrency, it is created and mounted directly on the Internet, and therefore does not relate to the ordinary currency, and even more so to the state currency system. Such currency is stored decentralized, distributed between the electronic cryptographic keys of the users of the network.

Active transactions of different cryptocurrencies can be observed on the exchanges, which indicates the development of the cryptocurrency market and its future prospects. Cryptocurrencies are unstable, highly volatile, but every year more and more interest is shown to them, both from institutional investors and traders. I actively invest in digital money and sometimes there are temporary difficulties in their exchange, purchase of goods and services on them. Using them faster is included in many areas of our lives and make it easier to popularize in everyday life can help the project World Bit Bank.
The company creates the world's first legal cryptocurrency Bank and plans to unite several European banks into one group, these are countries such as Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada and others. This association will allow many people to access financial services without territorial and political barriers, eliminate intermediaries, make transfers faster, safer and at all levels.

Will provide the following important services like insurance, storage of their digital money and investing in a variety of instruments, leasing, exchange for other currencies. And all this will be implemented on one clear and convenient platform.

We are all used to using debit cards, the team took into account and this moment released their own. By the way, everybody can be obtained even for free at certain amounts of participation in the sale of tokens.
Already after the preliminary sale of tokens, it is planned to enter the top exchanges, now the minimum goal has already been achieved in the form of soft cap. The plan is painted in great detail and clearly, the guys are in no hurry, carefully approach the harmonious development. Behind the idea is a company Vitsolutions, LLC founded in 2016 and World Bit Group, which were officially authorized by the European Union to create an exchange, virtual wallet services, that is, all legal aspects are clearly observed.

5 main reasons for using such a Bank:

1) Cryptocurrency is protected against inflation

2) High profitability of digital money

3) The owners of the wallet are provided with anonymity, as well as 100% security

4) Every day more and more services and companies are beginning to accept different types of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

5) And finally - the finance of the wallet owned by the owner in all respects. No one is able to freeze or confiscate them, no one can prohibit or allow the transfer of funds. The owner can transfer his capital to any country in the world

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