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Our Earth is not only minerals such as oil, gold, gas, but also rare precious minerals, stones that are converted into jewelry. Someone buys them for beauty, raising or showing status in society, others believe in their healing properties, and others - in order to increase their capital as an investment tool.

All of this is quite rare, and therefore expensive. They are widely used for the production of jewelry, collected in collections, used as Bank assets, such as gold, silver. But the other party is also known as a fraud in their sale, production, the buyer may not always have accurate and reliable information that leads to loss of money and affects the entire market.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the services of only trusted suppliers, the price of such stones is growing even because of the many intermediaries in the form of exporters, Bank payment systems, speculators, the difficulty of production and lack of resources, funds for new equipment.

But I am in a hurry to introduce you to an interesting association Atlantis Blue that has decided to change the current situation on a global scale, to tokenize precious stones and to increase the trust of stakeholders.
This organization includes people of the following professions as exporters, biologists, lawyers, suppliers-exporters, having certificates, and represent the Association. And at the moment they are engaged in the extraction, sale and digitization of such a rare and interesting stone as Larimar.

It is found only in the Caribbean sea, where the volcano used to be located and the area of its location is one square kilometer. It is one of the five most precious stones on the planet. Has healing properties, attracts the eye of beauty into jewelry, you probably have seen these decorations, but I didn't know that it is the stone or just encountered a fake!
So only Atlantis Blue is engaged in their production in a single mine in the world, carefully sorted, weighed and digitized on the blockchain platform Stellar Network. Further, the craftsman cuts them, grinds and prepares them for physical sale or distribution. The project has its own exchange AB Exchange and is the only point of sale of natural stone Larimar, here are made physical exchanges of tokens for stones.

The platform will now eliminate attempts to create this stone in the laboratory and the sale of fakes. The price of one polished gram can reach the price of $ 20, untreated sell for $ 4. That is, Atlantis Blue creates an ecosystem where workers are paid for their work immediately, legal problems are solved, as Larimar will be immediately processed and prevent fake production and distribution.

Now there is a sale of tokens that can be purchased both on the project website and on Stellar Distributed Exchange. One gram meets one digital token. The purchase takes place in several stages at a certain price, which can be seen in this picture:
Thus, this company gives the idea of the development of the concept of digitization of various goods and services that protects people from unscrupulous thieves, fraudsters, reduces the fees that take Bank and electronic payment systems, eliminates territorial and political barriers, allows a person to remain anonymous and keep their personal data confidential!

More information you can find on these links:

Website: https://atlantisblue.org

Whitepaper: http://www.atlantisblue.org/Atlantis_Blue_White_Paper.pdf

Telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/H7zoMBAZDRlCIIxCQ0RlfQ

My bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184171

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