eHarvestHub - Making food affordable and accessable for all!

All of us love to eat tasty and healthy and carefully approach the process of buying: choose, smell, look at the packaging, interested in the seller and we can say that we believe only their word and what is written. We enjoy our food and try not to harm our precious health, so sometimes we start using the services of local farmers, who in most cases do not fertilize their vegetables, fruits, unlike large corporations.

Someone uses genetically modified organisms, adds chemicals to preserve the attractive appearance of the products and may not display it in the composition and do not inform the buyer, because their main task is to make a profit. For more than 5 years I am a vegan and I have already experienced that the most useful elements are only in naturally grown fruits and vegetables, so carefully approach the choice, I try to buy from proven people than in supermarkets, because there are prices in 2-3 times more.

Traditional pricing policy includes a lot of intermediaries in the form of transportation, mark-up shops, government taxes, Bank payment systems, which leads to an increase in prices and people sometimes have no choice how to continue to buy through them. But a project called eHarvestHub that can solve all these problems is developing!
The company has created a platform that brings together local farmers, bakers and truckers directly, which allows you to deliver fresh, tasty and useful products immediately to the consumer and now implement EHH tokens for operations on it, which will help to make all transactions faster, safer and more transparent!

The project has already been sponsored by the legendary venture investor Tim Draper and several companies in the amount of $ 1.2 million, which contributed to the creation of a complete set of products and start to be used by many farmers.
Now people will be sure of the purity of information and usefulness of food, as all information is strictly recorded in the general register of all movements, and not worry about their health. Farmers and truckers will be more motivated, as for each order the first receive an income of $ 3, and the second $ 100.

The project team is actively involved in many events and takes prizes, in the telegram channel reported important meetings and agreements. Public token sale starts on June 28, 2018 and ends on July 26, 2018, price is 30 cents.
In my opinion, this is an excellent solution for farmers, who sometimes pass all the bureaucratic barriers to start selling their products, as well as for buyers who receive advantages in the form of cheaper prices and better quality of goods. There will be no need to wait long until the buyer appears, the application will allow them to almost instantly see new products, order and receive. For the platform there will be no boundaries.

In this industry, the capitalization reaches more than one trillion dollars, most of which is taken by intermediaries, now everything will change in the direction of direct manufacturers and suppliers thanks to eHarvestHub!

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