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Dear visitors and regular readers of my blog, welcome to my page! Today I will talk about the capabilities of software and operating systems in the modern world.

Most of us are happy to use popular operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, but no one knows how to write codes for them, what parameters for people take into account most of all when creating them. This is only available for select programmers and professionals.

Sometimes sitting all day at the computer or phone and want to add any convenient feature that just did not take into account the programmers or decided not to give this time, and to hire and look for a decent takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, both people and many enterprises always have to use the services of these large monopolists. Take courses also takes part of life.

The result is a dilemma: you as a businessman from the inside fully know your activities and want to introduce new software to improve it and give it to a specialist who is more than a technician and does not always understand the real business, that is limited and it will not lead to the desired result. But this state of affairs decided to change the project called Sparkster.
The company creates smart decentralized software, where without knowledge of the code with an easy and intuitive user interface, everyone can create the operating system he needs and the number of transactions on this platform can reach up to 10 million!

Everything is convenient by dragging the windows you need, will help to implement any idea, sell your development on the platform, you can also use the help of professionals, but much cheaper than traditional methods of development, where many intermediaries in the form of dealers and Bank electronic payment systems, and centrality threatens the loss of your personal data or business. Here, all this is strictly confidential, fast and transparent.

Decentralized cloud Sparkster will displace centralized like Google, Yandex, as they are more exposed to the danger of identity theft, there are large costs of maintaining the server, its cooling, the fee to workers. The platform has already been tested and is a working product, preventing public disclosure of all data, neutralizing any intrusion.

The project team consists of members of well-known and large companies engaged in the development of software operating systems, cloud computing applications, various types of business and blockchain technology(see the picture). In total, 290 million tokens will be issued, having the abbreviation SPARK and the price of $ 0.15.
In my opinion, Sparkster will allow small and medium-sized businesses to start developing much better, as participants-buyers of their products will be able to suggest what they would like to improve on the website, in a decentralized application, simple programmers will create an additional source of income, bypassing all bureaucratic and territorial barriers. And the main thing to protect all our data!

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