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Today monetization goals are very simple: invest one dollar and get two at the output. In the case of media, the author invests in the creation and distribution of content to attract the attention and trust of the audience, which later will then be able to resell to the advertiser.

And now this interaction takes place according to the following scheme in the form of a triangle "media-audience-advertiser". Where else are added a lot of intermediaries in the form of the video hosting, advertising agents, banking and electronic payment systems. That is, the author eventually gets only about 30-40% of all possible profits.

The authors are actively working to improve the quality of content, with the current competition are only large video hosting, that is monopolized and they set their own rules. There is no way out and in most of their videos insert ads that are already becoming annoying for viewers, which negatively affects the retention of their attention, and can lead to unsubscription. There are also cases and views of content bots, which does not allow better study and analyze their work.

Thus, a new era of technology and a platform for the development offered by the project called Verasity!
This company creates a decentralized platform-hosting and monetizing video content without the involvement of intermediaries and the hype, it also earns not only the author but also the audience who receive the tokens platform Vera.

It also gives you the opportunity to get more of them if you are ready to view ads. It is indeed a more intelligent and harmonious ecosystem, where everyone is interested in its development. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts allows you to almost instantly receive a reward for your work and time, as all operations are carried out with the help of tokens, no delays and fees from a third party.

The project to prove the value of the provided content has developed and patented a system * Proof of View (PoV ™) that will allow to more effectively determine the feedback from their fans and other viewers, and to understand what to change, improve.
There is also a VeraSparks Fund, which can support everyone and it will share the profit with them. The funds are used for the growth of the channel and increasing the number of users. Now brands, corporations, firms will be able to communicate directly with media personalities, top bloggers, to be confident in them and quickly conclude agreements.

The project uses online video hosting, which is a partner of Akamai, it is one of the world's leading distributors of content that guarantees high streaming quality and large volume. Authors will be able to sell part of their channel to users, which will allow to use better equipment, create better content and will be required to share profits on a smart contract. This is a very profitable and safe interaction between the participants. The current bloggers do not offer such an option of cooperation, but mostly ask for donations and support.

Now the token sale is active, almost 1.3 billion tokens have already been sold, to participate you need to pass an identity check and the minimum number of tokens for purchase is 10 000. The idea is very promising, already collected a soft cap, so you can create as an additional income as a simple spectator or support the project as a token holder.

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