WINSTARS - They are changing the face of gambling!

Guys, welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to talk about gambling, which most of us love, someone nice to spend time regardless of whether he wins or not, someone the main goal is to make money and remains to be happy.

But in fact, now a lot of these games give a small probability of winning the player, basically can only build large corporations institutions, to establish their strict rules, and of course they have a fairly large amount of money to bribe all the others and keep in business.

Ordinary people just have to follow them and in most cases lose money, passion takes its toll and still continue to spend even their last money, which negatively affects the relationship in the family, someone even begins to abuse alcohol. And all this is due to the complete lack of access to the test of honesty, the algorithm of the game, the owners have already programmed in advance for their victory. And only the lucky ones win, although perhaps they are in collusion with the organizers!

But I am glad that technologies are developing today and the blockchain will help to solve this problem, this task is the project Winstars!
Their team creates a decentralized gambling platform, which gives great advantages and advantages to all participants in the form of an absolute transparent game, the algorithms are fixed on the Ethereum blockchain, has a good affiliate program!

Such a platform provides even simple honest and open games that will allow developers to make money on their creation, even for gamblers, a centralized body that could change the direction of the result earlier is eliminated.

The gambling industry is developing very well, many people play online through their smartphones, and they are available to almost everyone, the capitalization per year is about 24-25 billion euros, that is, you now understand how much money flows into the pockets of dishonest games.

I think that many are already just waiting for the market is a transparent gaming platform that will be able to give Winstars with a powerful team of professionals in the face of the head Egor Volotkovich, the initial emphasis will be made on poker, and eventually introduced many popular types of gambling.

You can earn here as an investor, a token holder (it is planned to allocate 15% of the profits), partners(10% of airdrops from the jackpots played), and of course the player!
I used to quite actively bet on sports and often won at the bookmakers, but they started to interfere with me: do not make big bets or just blocked my account, but paid what was there, that is, this centralization is a very negative impact on the development of the gaming industry. I think that the project Winstars will turn to introduce their idea in sports betting!

Now the company is selling tokens, which can be joined by almost anyone, with the exception of countries US or citizens from countries associated with USA. I hope my article was useful to you, you can leave comments! Thank you for attention)

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