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Introducing to you a great platform that gives you the chance to work and contract with 0% commission and no focal expert. By evacuating the mediator between the specialist and the client, we guarantee that clients are not giving ceaselessly their benefit to stages. To finish everything of that, we offer extra security on each arrangement, accomplished by the Ethereum savvy contract escrow framework and the interesting question settlement process. We have received an extremely unique approach towards ability administration and our inventive ability verifying system will empower the business agents’ contract top experts rapidly and astutely. With LanceChain both the task proprietors and the consultants can depend on coordinate correspondence and uncensored, tried and true and permanent evaluations and audits.

The freelance platform came into existence in 2010, every since then the system as being growing to fit into the world economy, with marketplace platform like Uber and Airbnb. This as brought about revolution to the traditional service sector and its shows the world that, making additional earnings beside your usual 9 to 5 job is easy and convenient. The current growth in the industry as continuously increases the market share. Research has shown that over 35% of both US and European workforce are into freelance, also gaining more ground in Asia. For this reason, the team behind LanceChaian thinks an innovative and free of charge platform will change the traditional ways of working and benefit numerous professionals around the world.

LanceChain is a platform that uses decentralized blockchain based system; It acts as a marketplace for freelancers and project owners. The platform give opportunity to user to work and hire at 0% cost with no central authority, through eliminating the middleman between freelancer and the customer. The system also make sure that all profit made are not given to the platform. Considering this fact, every transaction is guarded by maximum security; this is made possible by the Ethereum smart contract escrow system and the unique dispute settlement process. LanceChain team have adopted a unique approach in respect to talent management and their creative talent vetting program will enable the business representatives hire top professionals and experts quickly and wisely. Both the project owners and the freelancers can enjoy direct communication and uncensored, dependable and immutable ratings and reviews of the system.

LanceChain will continue to be a transparent and open, free-to-use platform and without commission. Not like other platforms on the market. Instead of placing charge on a percentage of a particular transaction, LanceChain will introduce a business model that is a combination of freemium and tiered subscription plans. With this all the users will be able to use all core features in order to work and hire successfully on the platform. Furthermore, the users also as opportunity to subscribe for more advanced plans. Users with tokens above a specific threshold will be eligible to gain access to tiered subscription plans free of charge; this will directly promote the LANC token ecosystem. LanceChain will also promote the blockchain community by adding extra features and incentives to all blockchain work that is carried out using the platform.

The user layer is the online application that enable user to gain access to use LanceChain as well as the mobile apps. It will contain the web page (built in HTML5 and AngularJS) application and also iOS and Android applications that will enable smartphones and tablets.

A centralized API layer will serves as a connection layer for all end user and the blockchain layer. It gives an API (Application Programming Interface) to enable all the User Layer to communicate with data that is kept on the blockchain layer. It also contains business logic that is required for the User Layer to operate. The system layer will be coded with the latest industry standard such as NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB. It will keep a copy of the data that is save in the blockchain system layer as well as store data that is too heavy and inefficient to store on the blockchain, for example images and files.

The website platform will be mobile friendly and simple for all users. With this, after the launch of the platform itself, the experience of the LanceChain users will be improve by Android and iOS mobile applications.

The LanceChain ecosystem is the first freelancing platform that not only give 0% commission but also has a feature that pays its end users! The system allocated 10% of their total tokens supply for the early participant of the platform. They will also grant 10% of any project total value to the first users to post and complete assignment on LanceChain. For instance, when business owner posts a project on LanceChain and a freelancer is to work on it via the platform 10% of the project value will be granted to both parties. In other words if a 1000$ project is completed using LanceChain they will pay the freelancer extra 100$ for total of 1100$ and also give the employer 100$ to cut down their spendings to 900$. The 10% gratitude will be pay in LANC tokens and the funds will come out of the pre-allocated pool of LANC tokes for early adopters. The early users program will be effective until all tokens allocated for the program are successfully handed to their first users.

Income can be generated by users through participating in the talent recognition and vetting program or acting as a professional in resolving disputes.

Their talent recognition, screening and vetting program gives room for the freelancers to be acknowledged as top talent and work at premium rates. At the same time business owners will be able to access that fountain of proven and tested experts and hire the most qualify for their project. On top of that by helping us assess the freelancers, additional earnings can be generated.

They believe in the rare cases of misunderstanding they should be resolved in an unbiased way and by independent subject matter experts only. With this mind set they came up with their dispute settlement procedure that guarantees business owners will get the best quality and freelancers will be protected by unfair employers. And also, it allows our token holders to earn extra from participating in election and evaluation of the professionals that are qualified to resolve disputes.

LanceChain has no central authority to control reviews, ratings, achievements, earnings, spending, profile visibility, etc. these are all done by blockchain which makes it decentralized, uncensored and immutable. With this the best freelancers will really shine and position themselves better

Their team has a good history of more than 10 years in making use of freelance platforms - both on the business owner and freelancer sides. They have been coping with sites billing astonishing fees and they saw large number of companies and individuals going out of the platform to save fund. They strongly believe that working remotely should be commission- less and stimulated as much as possible. Most importantly, we have the right tool to do it - blockchain.

The team behind LanceChain`s is composed of many software expertise - software development, project management, technical architecture, sales and tech marketing specialists. They have been in the sector for over a decade and they know how to run a software project from the ground up. In such a world where only 15% of the software projects are handled successfully, they believe that this will differentiate them from other platform.

It as never been easy for people all around the world to work together, and mutually enjoy benefits from others. For this reason there are many websites which offer the same service of connecting freelancers to employers. These traditional marketplaces have really help experts all over the globe to shift away from the 9 to 5 work week.

Freelancing is real freedom. Is not the liberty of working less than a regular job? But it is the freedom to choose your assignments and employees not only within your office but globally. By using LanceChain, you assist more people to take advantage of new opportunities and enjoy freedom.


Although it’s hard for governments or statistical bureaus to count exactly the number of people who are working remotely, in this section we will prove the importance of the freelancing market by giving some statistical data.

The economy became synonym of movement, freedom, on demand services, independency, technological advancement and innovation - all qualities that describe the digital world today. It is an economy that gives the tools to make money independently of any corporation when working on projects the freelancer select based on their area of interests. The freedom to choose working time & environment at your continent by personal preference and develop the desired skill set makes the freelancing even more enjoyable – because of this reason the gig economy is growing rapidly. LanceChain gives its end users the platform where they can move their career further while promoting to the blockchain ecosystem. As for business owners, LanceChain is the best place they can get access to global top talents and ensure 100% professionalism.

LanceChain, understand well that marketing important and will play a vital role in their success. Therefore, the way the platform is introduced to the world is of very importance as this will allow its stable growth. For this reason the team look at marketing as an umbrella - it covers advertising, public relations, promotions, sales, customer relations. Their aim is to distribute focused and engaging content that will promote the platform. They have carefully separated the beneficent of the platform into target groups that we will be promoting to. With this, they will make sure to target broader pool of investors, who are not necessarily working with freelancers. The success of the marketing campaign launch lies in utilizing the different tools at our disposal - from social media, to blockchain specific public sites, to private sales outbound strategy and careful promotions planning. They target the customers of other freelancing platforms as well as new users by outlining the advantages of using LanceChain.


Lancechain Team is part of the blockchain community since Bitcoin was in its inception. They are actively participating in the developer groups of blockchain platforms & are constantly following the development of Ethereum, Eos, Iota, Aethernity, etc. This will allow us to be future-agnostic to the upcoming changes or improvements.

Online visibility is an important key to determining the success of any website and platform. They have carefully allocated money for paid advertising as there is no doubt that when the audience is targeted correctly; it proves to be working very great. Therefore, the IT team with their extensive knowledge on SEO strategies will make sure that our unpaid, “organic” results rank as high as possible. They rely on natural searches as freelancers and business owners look for outsourcing opportunities each day.

Following the roadmap, In June 2017 the idea was born and the team was formed. October 2017 the team started development. February 2018 bounty and affiliate announcement was made. March 2018, LANC token sale kick-off week.

The LANC token is a major component of the LanceChain ecosystem. As their utility token, on top of transferring funds with no commission, it provides different benefits to its holders. As the platform evolves, LanceChain community will grow both in size and quality. While stimulating the possession of LANC tokens by incentivizing the token holders with unique benefits, the demand and the value of LANC will dramatically increase.

The lanceChain token

Name : LanceChain

Symbol : LANC

Platform: Ethereum

Interface: ERC-20 Token standard

Max Total supply: 98.8 Million

Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD

Token distribution is as follows

50% LANC issued to contributors in the fundraiser

20% allocated to partnerships, community grants and public bounties

20% to LanceChain’s long-term operating budget,

10% to founders, team members, advisors and early contributors. Founders and team contributors will be subject to a two year vesting schedule.

Price: 1400 - 2000 LANC per 1 ETH (depending on the round)

Early participation bonus: Up to 42% bonus when participating earlier.

Also the Affiliate and Referral Program is intended to draw in new clients and give the chance to acquire tokens by making referrals. Associates that allude ICO members to LanceChain will acquire 10% of the sum contributed by their referrals as LANC tokens. Our rate is surprising, given that present offshoot programs on blockchain ventures begin from 2%.

Tokens availability: Purchased LANC tokens will be distributed immediately. LANC tokens will be purchaseable and liquidated through the smart contract immediately after the fundraiser opens however will not be transferrable until the end of the ICO.

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