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In our time, all working people are concerned about the preservation and enhancement of their savings. All accepted tools may fail. It is not rare to recall licenses from banks, which is why many people are left without their money. There is a lot of other troubles, from which no one is insured. People often find themselves in a desperate situation. In order to somehow remedy the situation, a team of developers from Stanford, Columbia and California universities decided to build their own platform that would solve these issues.

They called their platform TokenUnion. This application has a reliable decentralized structure that pays compensation to the owners of the tokens. It is very important for users that all operations are completely transparent, and their means are reliably protected. The platform fully meets these needs, and also offers a number of innovations, thanks to which the regular use of the application becomes even more convenient.

TokenUnion ecosystem management, the compensation principle will be implemented for those who hold the Etherium or any ERC20 token. A proprietary application will allow investors not only to safely store tokens, but also to receive a good reward, by increasing the funds on the account.

The team of seo-developers puts before themselves grandiose plans for promoting the ecosystem, while users will be presented with extensive opportunities for the site:

Regular system of remuneration. The user only needs to set the application mode once, and then the platform will be guaranteed to remit to the account.
You can use the settings for both one token and the crypto asset group.
The automated principle of dividends. All is fair and transparent. The system automatically calculates dividends, taking on low commissions and transaction costs.
All members of the eco-community can directly enter into smart contracts, avoiding interaction with unnecessary intermediaries. Full decentralization will become an important factor in the attractiveness of the site.
Totally decentralized and fair.

TokenUnion Network does not depend on the central authority to operate. It works completely alone, based on conditionalities that have been specified written in the code. This will work as planned during the existing block chain of Ethereum.

Get a gift

Users send tokens to their Tenancy Contract and get rewards in the same symbolic denominations they own. Set it up and forget it.
Obtain prizes on the same card you own

The prizes received by the user become the same token that they have in Holding Contract through Bancor. For example, if you receive 1,000 UNI as a gift and you retain 60% BAT and 40% OMG, UNI 600 UNI and 400 UNIs worth of GMOs will be retained in your Holding Contract, increasing the size of the underlying position.

Earn rewards. Users send their tokens to storage contracts and earn rewards in the face value of the same tokens that they store. Set up and forget.

Get rewards in the same tokens that you store. The rewards that users receive are converted into the same tokens that they store in the storage contract through Bancor. For example, if you receive 1000 UNI as a reward, while 60% of your contribution is BAT, and the remaining 40% is OMG, 600 UNI in BAT-equivalent and 400 UNI in OMG-equivalent will be returned to your contract, which will be increased your starting position.

Completely autonomous distribution of rewards. By retaining their tokens in storage contracts, users agree to pay a fixed commission to the UNI, the native token, when making their withdrawal. When users pay this commission, the smart contract distributes it at the program level among all network participants as rewards in proportion to the percentage of the Total Cost of the Network (TNV, Total Network Value) that users contribute.

Absolute decentralization and demonstrable justice. The TokenUnion network does not rely on any central government in its work. It functions completely independently, based on predefined conditional constructs inscribed in the code, and will work as expected, as long as there is a blocking Ethereum.
The architecture of smart contracts

The code for the TokenUnion network is written in the Solidity language on the server side and on Javascript from the user interface. It includes a main contract called Reward DAO, which processes all user logic to create TokenUnion storage contracts and withdraws funds, and performs all internal calculations to determine the commission for withdrawing funds and redistributing the UNI.

The team allocated the balances on which user tokens are stored in a separate contract and isolated it from the interface controlled and used by individual users, so you can update the interface in order to implement more advanced features in the future without access to tokens.

In addition, this branch significantly limits partner risks and protects user tokens from potential break-ins. Only users who own private keys can display tokens. Since the Reward DAO contract contains only UNI rewards, user tokens are isolated from potential vectors of centralized attacks.

The team took all precautions to ensure the security of contracts, and added this last security feature in the event of an unforeseen vulnerability. Before deploying a decentralized application to the core Ethereum network, the team will find a professional audit firm to conduct the protocol check.

The whole course of the work is structured as follows:

TokenUnion member opens an Ethereum contract with a convenient and easy-to-use special tool in TokenUnion, then lists the required amount of tokens;
for the return, the user must transfer the UNI tokens into the concluded contract. Then all the funds are received on his wallet;
UNI is spent in the purse and evenly distributed in the chain-link;
UNI tokens at the same time are converted into token-supported tokens.
If you make comparisons with a number of other organizations that are similar in their kind of activity, but differ in the nature of the construction of the entire functional component, you can identify a number of advantages inherent in TokenUnion:

The team consists of talented programmers. All developed software undergoes a whole complex of checks for fault tolerance and safety in use;
to introduce a trusting atmosphere between both parties, the idea was specially invented and implemented in the live mode to track all transactions in the personal account;
a purse for storage cryptocurrency is very simple in use and provides set of pleasant functions;
The application is fully compatible with the entire line of devices;
the organization of fair and fair activities, as well as full openness to its users;
Because the project is built with the help of technology blocking, all kinds of hacker attacks and physical damage can not do harm to the system;
the entire interface is built with a focus on users, which made it possible to create an intuitive interface for participants of any level of use;
High speed of transactions.


General Partners

For more information, please visit

Website – http://tokenunion.io

WhitePaper – https://docsend.com/view/hj4tdrk

Github – https://github.com/TokenUnion/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tokenunionio

Telegram - https://t.me/tokenunion



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