Probably, each of us at least once dreamed of doing nothing, but at the same time getting money. This dream seems utopian, but there is one interesting way. No, you do not need to become a participant in network marketing, participate in some strange schemes and do not have to deceive anyone either. Millions at once you, of course, do not get, but to receive rewards simply because you keep your crypto currency on the platform is also not bad, because you do not need to strain this much. Well, I wonder? Let's get acquainted with one such platform TokenUnion, where the dream becomes a reality. So, let's have a closer look.
What is TokenUnion
What does TokenUnion offer?
Advantages of the platform
How TokenUnion works
Details about the token
What is TokenUnion
TokenUnion is a decentralized platform where you can store your savings and at the same time automatically receive rewards. To store on the platform, only tokens are available on the Ethereum (ERC-20) block.

What the TokenUnion proposes
The platform is completely decentralized and does not depend on the functioning of the central authority.
After a while, when you decide to withdraw your savings, you will have to pay a fee for withdrawal (before commencing work and investing your own funds, the amount of the commission fee is consistent). With the help of smart contracts, all fees are fairly distributed among network members.
In the near future, partial withdrawal of funds will not be available, since this may negatively affect the stability of the token. But, the creators say that in the future they will conduct research and may choose a more complicated algorithm of commission fees that will also allow for dynamic calculations and incremental costs.

You will receive the rewards in the same currency that you keep in your wallet. Initially, when you configure contracts, you specify all the necessary data, and then everything works automatically. For example, if you receive a reward of 1000 UNI, and store, for example, ETH, then UNI will be saved in your Holding Contract.

TokenUnion is working on the creation of mobile and desktop applications. The mobile application will only be used to visualize the Holding Contract users, but the desktop application can be used to withdraw funds, rewards and other operations within the platform.

On the first screen of the site, we can see an approximate interface for the platform, both for mobile and web applications. They can conveniently monitor changes in your wallet, monitor currency rates, the total amount of funds in your wallet and so on.
Advantages of the platform

The first and most basic is the receipt of rewards for storing crypto currency in Holding Contract.

The platform is set up to make it possible to convert UNI for any token that supports TokenUnion. You can exchange them at any time with the help of a manual or selected offline action. For the work platform chose the network Bancor, through which the conversion will take place instantly, and also use this network will be as a decentralized oracle pricing to determine the price in real time.

The team says that it constantly monitors the updates of the decentralized market and in the future can integrate with any solution that it deems appropriate for its platform. Why is it good? Because this indicates that the team is open to further development and will try to make the project as comfortable as possible for its users. Is this not the most important thing?

Automatic and fair distribution of rewards between users.

Getting rewards in the same currency that you keep, you do not have to exchange it in addition.

TokenUnion uses an innovative TVT model, in which you are paid for the fact that someone will withdraw money. There is a fixed price, a certain commission, which is charged from the user withdrawing his funds. This amount is distributed among the participants.The fee corresponds to the market rate of UNI at the time of distribution of 5% of the cost of tokens based on Ethereum.

How does TokenUnion work?

First, you should visit the website of the project, go through the process of creating a contract for Holding Contract. Next, you send your tokens to the contract, calculate the fee for withdrawal of funds in the future, and give your consent to pay this fee upon withdrawal. This fee is sent to the Rewards DAO, after which the process of reward distribution starts, every time someone pays their fee for an exit. UNI tokens are converted to all tokens supported by the platform.

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Token: UNI
Platform: Ethereum
UNI - tokens produced by the platform. They will be able to pay commission fees for withdrawing funds from the TokenUnion network and this is the only possible way of using UNI tokens. Now on the project site you can get free UNI tokens.


TokenUnion has taken care of creating a reliable place to store your savings. In addition, it is not only convenient, but also profitable. After all, the demand for the crypto currency is growing, with every day the users are becoming more and more, so this project can be called a project for the day's rage.

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