Tradeqwik to Launch Logo Contest Tomorrow, Appreciates Support from SteemVoter and Steemgigs, Starts Facebook Page

As usual there is much going on behind the scenes at Tradeqwik. We want to remind everyone that we will launch our logo contest tomorrow. I hope you all have your thinking caps on, as well as your favorite graphic design software.

Besides the fact that we need a logo for our Steemit avatar, we also need a logo to adorn all our other promotional channels that we are busy setting up. Take our new Facebook page, for example. Sure, that little box with a blue "T" inside it looks alright... but it doesn't quite convey everything that is unique and awesome about Tradeqwik.

Visualize your logo on the Facebook page while you click that "like" button...

Tradeqwik would like to give a shoutout to a couple of Steemit-based businesses which support us. The first is @steemvoter which is run by @cryptomancer and @thecryptodrive and which has recently joined forces with Minnow Booster. You can read all about the merger and get more details about these two amazing initiatives now working together here.

The main way that SteemVoter supports us is that @tradeqwik uses its automatic voting system in order to consistently upvote your blog posts. Have you noticed that your blog posts now get upvoted by @tradeqwik? We're able to do this thanks to SteemVoter, and we really appreciate the great service!

If you are a Tradeqwik customer and your blog posts aren't getting upvoted, then please post your VIVA ID as a comment and mention you'd like our upvotes and we'll get you set up.

@steemgigs is an account specifically designed to connect Steemit users who offer services with people who need them. Lets say, for example, that you need a website designed. You can post your request using the #steemgigs tag and some website designers should get in touch with you. If you are that website designer, you can advertise your services using the #steemgigs tag as well. We're hoping some of the great graphic designers who frequent @steemgigs will enter our contest.

Steemgigs has also run some independent promotion for Tradeqwik. They currently have a promotion running where they award one STEEM to new users' Tradeqwik account. So, if you haven't yet jumped on board as a Tradeqwik customer, perhaps Steemgigs' offer can sweeten the deal for you.

We definitely appreciate everyone who supports us in some way, especially now in these early coding and development intense days. If you promote Tradeqwik in any way, please let us know. You can post a link to your article as a comment here. We'd love to get a chance to upvote and/or resteem it as a way to say thank you.

We'll be back tomorrow with our official contest launch article.

*Note: All invitations to interact, including contests, apply to corresponding article on Steemit.

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