Any borders? None. Membrana is in process of integrating into EOS blockchain

It’s nice to travel by plane while relaxing in a comfortable seat in business class, isn’t it? No doubt that it’s even nicer to sit back in a big chair of your own high-speed private jet, right? We do value comfort and, therefore, we upgrade Membrana community from business class to private jet: Membrana integrates into EOS blockchain system! Ready? Let’s go!

Any user can choose in which system the contract will be signed — EOS or Ethereum.

Why is EOS beneficial to you?

  1. The ability to log on the platform through EOS wallets with its browser support.

  2. The ability to conclude contracts for trust management in EOS currency (To conclude an EOS contract, users may use the extension for the Scatter browser ( )

  3. Reduced commissions and increased transaction speed comparing to ETH.

**How will the implementation process take place?

The integration will take place in September and includes several stages:

  1. Porting the current and time-tested contract for Solidity in C / C ++ (this stage is already completed by Membrana developers).

  2. Testing and setting up the contract through EOS-browsers and other authorization methods.

  3. Contract security audit.

Great news, isn’t it? Stay with us!
So… dear passengers: please, fasten your seat belts!

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Blockchain platform for concluding mutually beneficial and secure contracts between investors and traders

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