Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange

Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says. Ruslan Mikhailov, Head of Tradingene Market Research & Trading:

It is no secret any more that the excessive profits of cryptocurrency exchanges are the envy of the traditional exchanges. But firstly, it is almost 100% clear that Adena meant they would simply add a crypto-currency as a core service.

Nobody will refuse the structure and system of stock trading which have been developed over many years. Secondly, raising concerns related to regulated market and fair conditions generally put this opening into question.

The same John MсAfee repeatedly stated that all attempts to establish adequate regulation of the crypto-currency circulation will fail in the end due to decentralization (which, strictly speaking, pursues the idea of self-regulation).Consequently, in case if Nasdaq would start competing with cryptocurrency exchanges, that will either not happen soon, or Adena will have to revise the conditions for its opening.

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