Traveling is the movement of people from point A to point B. You can travel on foot, or by means of natural and man-made methods. You could use a bicycle or train for the man-made method of traveling, and you could use horse or camel as a means of traveling naturally. No CO2 emissions with this method. Have you ever experienced traveling whiles seated at one place?

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Traveling By Imagination

Have you ever played a game and felt you were a part of it, literally. Not that your avatar is in the game, but you feel yourself in the game experiencing everything. Have you ever experienced virtual reality before? Isn't that travelling? Or you didn't move physically, so that's not traveling?

I remember watching "The Hobit" and also "Lord Of The Rings". It was more than a movie for me back then. I could travel to a different world whiles i'm seated by my TV. That's an incredible feeling. Since then, I've come to love adventure movies. I remember watching "The Adventures Of Sinbad" as a kid. It was one of my favourite movies back then.

Traveling is no more moving physically from one geographical location to another. Have you ever read a book and felt yourself in one of the characters? First time I read "Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Never Comes", that's how I felt. I could see the words I was reading and if it was a room, I felt I had traveled there. Traveling can be done in many shapes or forms, and even if you can't afford it, you can travel to anywhere you want if you only believe.

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