How to buy tickets cheaper? A guide for cheap tickets...

This post is published on my Steemit account 6 months ago. I want to share this guide with Golos platform as well. But I updated this, so feel free to read and don't forget to comment below.

If you want to travel to somewhere else with a plane, you should definitely read this guide before you buy tickets. In this guide you will find some tips & tricks. Let's start!

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If you want to buy flight tickets, you can look at websites like expedia, skyscanner, agoda or other famous websites. Even Google has service for flight tickets as "Google Flights." But you should use these websites to see price of ticket only. And you shouldn't forget to look at website of airlines companies.

If the airlines company has ticket office in your city, you should visit them to learn price of tickets. Even if you see 2-way flight tickets for 200 USD on internet, you can buy them 25% cheaper in the ticket office. But here's another important tip: Don't buy tickets from airports, because you will pay extra fees in airport (service fee etc.).

After you learn which office or website is cheaper, you should decide when you will buy your tickets. You should follow website of airlines company every day for this. You can look at campaigns or you can even add your e-mail to their list. If you will fly in March-April, you can buy tickets during September-October campaigns. If you want to fly in summer, you should check websites of airlines companies in winter time.

If you will go for long haul flight. You should check connected flights. You can change connection point and search price for flight tickets again next time. Try your best to buy tickets cheaper. It can effect prices up to 20-25% or maybe even more.

I will add more guides for buying flight tickets. So don't forget to follow me for more information.

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