A walk through Old Town Bern

When working irregalur shifts sometimes the perfect opportunity is created to go to another city and do some sightseeing on a day off. I decided to check out the Capital of Switzerland, Bern.

Actually a lot of people think that Zurich is the capital of Switzerland, because so much business is located in Zurich. But reality is that all governmental functions are located in Bern (as for example embassies) and it has the central government of Switzerland (as far as can be spoken about central, because every canton has its own government, tax, rules and everything)


And so I went for a walk in the old center!

One of the main characteristics is the 'Zytglogge', a clock installed in 1530 (!!!!) and you can see its popularity with the amount of Asians snipping fotos from it :D. When I think about that this piece of machinery is installed almost 500 years ago, then it seems like we didn't make too much progression in all that time right??


Berns old center is quite big actually!


As you can see the river Aare circles around the whole town center and makes these super nice images. All those longer streets in the back are a part of old town.


Standing on one of these bridges also has a fantastic view over the Aare. I'm a nature person, so I can look at these views endlessly. Fun fact: see all those people standing down there on the picture?? Thats because two bears were talking a bath there. Bears in Bern????? Im not seeing the connection
here :D

Just the whole views over the city are fantastic actually. That is the cool thing I find from cities which are located on a hillside. It gives super cool views. Especially these Indian Summer colors are so inviting to stare into the distance and just enjoy. You guys understand I am really somebody who just stares in the distance the whole day right hahahaha.


Shopping in Old Town


One of the typical things of the stores here is that it are all small boutiques that you will see under these arches. From food to hats, to exquisit stuff, you can a lot of unique things here in these small shops. The one thing you have to realize are the Swiss Prices of a Capital. I would literally say that everything in this street you can buy is above my paygrade hahahaha.

But apart from those ridiculous prices is actually cool to see that there are still cities that have not been eaten up by multinationals and they stay unique.

That is the quality of Bern, it is one of a kind!!

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