TOP 5: Places to visit in Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with many places to visit; it has deserts, jungles, mountains and very fun destinations to which you can go. So here I show you 5 places you have to visit if you go to this beautiful country.

Angel Falls

The symbol of tourism in Venezuela: world heritage of humanity, Guinness record for the highest waterfall in the world (979 meters), this great destination located within Canaima National Park is one of the places in Venezuela that served as inspiration for numerous books and movies like "UP".

Los Roques

If you want to go to a hotter and sunny destination you can go to this beautiful and paradisiacal beach. Los Roques National Park is an archipelago of numerous islands and is considered the largest marine park in the Caribbean with almost virgin coral reefs and a calm and warm sea, which undoubtedly makes it an excellent destination to visit in Venezuela.
Mount Roraima

For the adventurers and nature fanatics I have the perfect place, the second jungle destination of this list is the Roraima, located in the Bolívar state, near the border with Brazil. Backpacker destination par excellence, the Roraima is a geological formation of 2810 meters high, being the dream of most of those who love to travel with a backpack on the shoulder. It also has perfect jacuzzis to relax and enjoy nature.
Another interesting fact is that it was inspiration for the novel "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan.

Mérida Cable Car

Merida is a beautiful city, full of fantastic places to walk among them one of the most recognized Merida's cable car.
Another of the Guinness Record at a national level is the Mérida Cable Car, the highest and longest in the world, with more than 12 kilometers of travel to reach a maximum height of 4,800 meters in the Sierra Nevada.

It has 5 stops, where visitors can get off to appreciate impressive landscapes of the Andean mountains, one of the most beautiful tourist landscapes of Venezuela. The cable car allows anyone to climb up to the Espejo Peak in a matter of minutes, sometimes even being able to touch the snow.

Los Llanos

Los Llanos, or The Plains, is a vast grassland that straddles Venezuela and Columbia. The Orinoco River that runs through it forms the border between the two countries, and is the main river in Venezuela. Los Llanos generally floods during the rainy season (May to October), turning into a birdwatcher’s paradise. Sometimes called the Serengeti of South America, it’s the place to see wildlife in the dry season, when animals flock to the areas that do have water. Besides being the last stronghold for the Orinoco Crocodile, Los Llanos is also home to anacondas, capybaras, jaguars and caimans.

Do you like the idea of visiting any of these places? Tell me which one you would like to visit more?

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