Hi all the TRUEPLAY (WNC) and crypto bitcoin mania fans. Are you all healthy and in a happy state? Just greet and give a little review for an ico project that is based on a phenomenon bounty mania or bounty hunter on the largest and official website of bitcointalk. What is this project? Yes the project named "TRUEPLAY" or WNC is the ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum blockchain, fully compatible with all Ethereum wallets that have ERC20
Token and smart-contract support using the ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, in game credits, currency for services, etc. have no value by themselves but are working hard to change this aspect by developing various services for WNC creating a token request and hopefully increasing that value. Because the project aims to advance the future of TRUEPLAY, these coins or tokens are directly and targeted at free for all the people who are often called bounty hunters in bitcointalk forums who want to participate in introducing and supporting this project In the form of bounty. And some bounty programs that are provided also vary and very much. In the form of bounty twitter, facebook, video, logo contest, blog or article and signature campaign. And all that information you can see and join on the following link JOIN


TruePlay offers to increase the speed of the game through maintaining all transaction gambling logic on the server platform (offchain) and using blockchain as a FairPlay system by publishing there before the game starts just a hash of a series of previous game rounds created for the gamblers.

This approach, in contrast to the transfer of early RNG or seed mechanisms in the blockchain proposed by other projects in one form or another, allows:

• simplify understanding of fairplay models for gamblers

• Apply a well proven method of generation of random numbers in the platform

• eliminating the possibility of disrupting RNG operations by intruders

The impossibility of altering the data in the blockchain will not allow the agency to falsify the results of the game, and the impossibility of reversing serial cryptographic hash ensures the security of the platform (it is impossible to get the series from the hash in a reasonable time).

This set of solutions makes it possible to get the highest speed game, to ensure invariable results of betting rounds for gamblers, using certified in accordance with industry standards.

Casino-based TruePlay revenue generated from bets in casino games. As in standard online casinos and in real casinos, the main advantage of project owners in TruePlay solutions is the revenue from material expectations of the game.

Platform work, which is transparent due to the use of blockchain, appeals to participants.

All ico projects may have a different base and concept, but after I saw this project, I became interested because most of its tokens will be distributed free of charge to all who want to join and contribute some great ideas to build and make this project a Big and famous. So do not ever hesitate to give your idea idea into this project, and who knows you can be successful with WNC TRUEPLAY

Token info
PreICO price1 TPLAY = 0.0009 ETH
Цена в ICO1 TPLAY = 0.0012 ETH
TruePlay Early Sale 1300 TPLAY / 1.2 ETH
Stage 1 1200 TPLAY / 1.2 ETH
Stage 2 1100 TPLAY / 1.2 ETH
Stage 3 1000 TPLAY / 1.2 ETH
Tokens for продажа 42 000 000



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На Golos с 2018 M05

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