TruePlay was created with the sole purpose of making gambling industry more transparent, impartial and honest for all parties involved. As a team, we strive to make your experience as a gambler, affiliate or gambling project owner - all about playing and winning.

How are we planning to achieve our ambitious goals?

WinCoin - unique token for all the monetary exchanges
We created a single unique token currency for all monetary exchanges on the platform. WinCoin makes all processes transparent: everyone is able to see projects’s (casino, poker, etc.) balance and whether the project actually pays wins to its clients. Every webmaster is able to see transactions made by all gamers he brought in. Currently, this solution is employed by popular game providers - Gamingtec, PokerDom, and we are actively working on projects ability to utilize blockchain technologies.

Honesty control provided by blockchain technology is built into all the games - for gamers protection
Smart contracts system based on the Ethereum blockchain enables transparency and security of your game, protects it from any possible outside interventions. Currently, Spinomenal project supports this process and we are actively working on its integration in our platform.

Software development for TruePlay is provided by SGS Universal LTD
SGS Universal LTD has more than 10 years of experience developing top gambling softwares and more than 3 years of experience working with the blockchain technologies. We trust our partners to develop a flawless and seamless system for TruePlay that will promptly solve any issues in the rapidly changing and evolving blockchain environment.

We develop technology:
WinCoin payment gate & player KYC/AML compliance
Game statistics
Honesty control
TruePlay High Performance BlockChain – TruePlayBC
TruePlay APK
Affiliate program

Development WinCoin Wallet
The core of WinCoin Wallet is developed DONE
ETH payments are integrated DONE
BTC payments are integrated DONE
WSmart contract for the release and management of WNC and WEB interface for managing a smart contract were developed DONE
An API for deposit and payment of funds from WinCoin Wallet to merchants (casinos, stores, etc) has been developed DONE
Custom WEB interface for WinCoin WalletDONE
Registration / user authorization, basic KYC policy DONE
API for registration and authentication with WinCoin Wallet in external projects has been developed DONE

Development MVP
The core of the MVP casino running with blockchain technology has been developed.DONE
Functions of publishing the hash series into the blockchain, stopping the series and generating the series were developed. DONE
Generating and integrating a series for roulette DONE
Generating and integrating a series for slots DONE
Generating and integrating a series for video poker DONE
API for deposit and payment of funds with WinCoin Wallet in MVP has been developed.DONE
Integrated games from Game Provider: SpinomenalDONE

Q1 2018
Finalization of the Web application of the wallet for working with WinCoin (WNC)
Development of a mobile wallet application for working with WinCoin (WNC)
Testing and WNC clients auditing
Implementing the API for connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Integration of payments and winnings payments using Wincoin in poker room
Launch of the This is the first project on the Trueplay platform. The project was developed in partnership with Gamingtec and is licensed to conduct gambling, issued by Kanawakee gaming comission. The project will connect the games of leading game providers to the platform: Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, Netent, Yggdrasil, PragmaticPlay.

Q2 2018
Preparing for PCI-DSS certification
Conducting Token Sale
Designing and development of own blockchain: collecting requirements, tools selecting and creating project documentation.
Creating network-wide jackpots with different prize pools for different games / betting ranges
Publishing game transactions and statistics to the blockchain
Design and construction of hi-load hardware complex, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the verification module.
WNC listing on stock exchanges

Q3 2018
PCI-DSS standard certification process
Integration of the games from third-party Game Providers into the platform
Own blockchain development
Integration of reception of basic altcoyins into wincoin wallet
Documents submission for obtaining licenses required
Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Wincoin Wallet integration with crypto-currencies exchanges
Creation of the network-wide jackpots with different prize pools for different games / betting ranges using smart contracts
Launching the support service for users of the venues on the Trueplay platform

Q4 2018
Release the beta version of the own blockchain and test the full functionality of the platform
Integration of games from third-party Game Providers into the platform
Realization of various tournaments on the Trueplay platform
Development and implementation of the affiliate program using WNC and distribution of funds through Smart Contracts
Obtaining licenses
Getting a PCI-DSS certificate

Q1 2019
Start of commercial operations on own blockchain
Development of an API for connecting projects to the Trueplay affiliate program
Adding lottery games (keno, bingo, scratch lottery)
Integration into the platform games from third-party Game Providers

Q2-Q4 2019
Integration into the Sportsbook platform
Development and launch of the commercial Trueplay APK
Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Further filling the platform with quality content

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