Trueplay has been basically developed for producing and supporting the different types of gambling projects. In other words, it is a totally carrying out platform created for the faultless integration of blockchain knowledge into a broad range of online gambling plans.
You should pay attention to the fact that Trueplay is not a gambling-provider, it only grants the licensed schemes of this type with admittance to software-as-a-service. By using its podium and tools for generating your own project, the company of this spectrum obtains the complete compound of solutions such as payment receipt, winning payment, technical support and game integration legal support. The players will get the full transparency when it goes about payment process and 100% reliability of all the games here.

How Does The TRUEPLAY ICO Work?
The highly experienced team was working on the development of this platform so it is extremely customer-friendly and runs without any glitches. Trueplay was formed with the objective of resolving some serious issues that may include annoying low transaction speed, unfair treatment of game outcomes, long-delayed cash-outs and so on. The project is confident about becoming a game-changer for the whole existing online gambling society. You will find Trueplay to be groundbreaking, probably the incomparable combination of the Blockchain technology together with the conventional online tools plays the significant role here so to bring a totally fair gaming knowledge to gamblers all over the world.
Features of TRUEPLAY ICO
Trueplay is an Ethereum-based software stage where the usage of smart contracts can ensure the exceeding transparency level and offer an unmatched plane of safety that includes the shielding gambling place in case of any break-in try.
The given platform allows operators to generate all kinds of games, both simple and complex ones. Blackjack, Poker and multispin slot-machines with extra games are all maintained by Trueplay.

A large number of game providers use the services of this useful project. For example, the well-known Gamingtec and Pokerdom are on this list. The first of them even created its own fascinating inventions that are based on Trueplay technologies.

The row of outstanding features is much wider and the whole enumeration can be checked out in the project’s Whitepaper. All that features are attractive enough to make the community members stay on this innovative platform forever.

1 Q 2018
Finalization of the Web application of the wallet for working with WinCoin (WNC)
The first Trueplay presentation at the largest ICE 2018 profile exhibition, London.
Development of a mobile wallet application for working with WinCoin (WNC)
Testing and WNC clients auditing
Implementing the API for connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Integration of payments and winnings payments using Wincoin in poker room PokerDom.com
Launch of the Fairplay.io. This is the first project on the Trueplay platform. The project was developed in partnership with Gamingtec and is licensed to conduct gambling, issued by Kanawakee gaming comission. The project will connect the games of leading game providers to the platform: Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, Netent, Yggdrasil, PragmaticPlay.
2 Q 2018
Preparing for PCI-DSS certification
Conducting Token Sale
Designing and development of own blockchain: collecting requirements, tools selecting and creating project documentation.
Development of a module for verifying game data coming from the game provider
Publishing game transactions and statistics to the blockchain
Design and construction of hi-load hardware complex, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the verification module.
WNC listing on stock exchanges
3 Q 2018
PCI-DSS standard certification process
Integration of the games from third-party Game Providers into the platform
Own blockchain development
Integration of reception of basic altcoyins into wincoin wallet
Documents submission for obtaining licenses required
Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Wincoin Wallet integration with crypto-currencies exchanges
Creation of the network-wide jackpots with different prize pools for different games / betting ranges using smart contracts
Launching the support service for users of the venues on the Trueplay platform
4 Q 2018
Release the beta version of the own blockchain and test the full functionality of the platform
Integration of games from third-party Game Providers into the platform
Realization of various tournaments on the Trueplay platform
Development and implementation of the affiliate program using WNC and distribution of funds through Smart Contracts
Obtaining licenses
Getting a PCI-DSS certificate
1 Q 2019
Start of commercial operations on own blockchain
Development of an API for connecting projects to the Trueplay affiliate program
Adding lottery games (keno, bingo, scratch lottery)
Integration into the platform games from third-party Game Providers
1-4 Q 2019
Integration into the Sportsbook platform
Development and launch of the commercial Trueplay APK
Connecting operators to the Trueplay platform
Further filling the platform with quality content

Team of the TRUEPLAY ICO

WEBSITE : https://trueplay.io/
WHITEPAPER : https://trueplay.io/docs/ru/TruePlayWhitePaper.pdf
ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2771636.0
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/trueplay
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/TruePlayinfo
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/TruePlayInfo/

Profile BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1762851

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