Hi guys, This time I will discuss an article about gaming, which is TRUEGAME.
consider the following article.

Will bitcoin prices grow or fall - no one knows. But I'm sure there
there is nothing better than the real industry behind the blockchain. Success
projects in the industry will benefit society and investors. And
today I am happy to introduce such a project to you.
Last year we presented a gambling project that works entirely for the public.
Truegame gets very positive feedback from the professional community.
We closed private investment on the first day and even before
to refuse any of the funds in full repayment of the project. We do not
even the first, but the only one that presents a fully working blockchain
gambling-based projects with unique measurable architecture and growth
We progress consistently: we do not do ICO in hype
from 2017, but instead developed a unique product, collected a
feedback, improve platforms and attract players.
Now when we look at Truegame's usability, we're ready for it
market expansion and scaling, which is why my team consists of a high level
development specialists and powerful marketing professionals with great
expertise in user acquisition, email marketing, iGaming traffi c attractions
and promotions. We are also proud to have our high-class team
experts in the sign list on crypto exchange.
And only after a successful year we can successfully er Truegame
to you.
Choose projects from the real blockchain industry!

Throughout history, people have been interested in coincidences. Every day millions of people around the world play raffle games, take part in the lottery, spend time in poker rooms or play slot machines. Many of these games are now played online. The igaming market is growing rapidly every year. If in 2016 the volume of the gaming industry in the global market is around USD 44.16 billion, and by 2022 it is estimated by the analysis to be USD 81.71 billion. The annual growth of the market for the year 2017-2021 is expected to grow by 18%
With the development of blockchain technology, iGaming world can experience a strong change.
Blockchain allows to transfer winnings, generate random numbers, isolate pulls from any manipulation,
Therefore, it brings full transparency and reliability in the game process. Gambling is probably one of the few
areas where all the advantages of a blockchain solution can be fully disclosed - decentralization, transparency,
low transaction costs and high data quality.
The idea of ​​combining blockchain and gambling lies at the heart of our platform. Truegame solves the above
trust issues through the use of innovative blockchain and intelligent contract technologies. We develop
infrastructure based on Blockchain Ethereum and by 2017 we are launching a full working platform, which
already has more than 10 games and users are actively playing it. Gifts, sweepstakes and some types
scratchcards available on platform All games are completely transparent and proven on the basis
RNG algorithm.
Unlike most projects that are in front of us, we develop and launch a. The platform is fully prepared based on our infrastructure. Our architecture allows us to develop and run games that no one else has done before. Some of them have already been launched and are available to play. More games will be launched as we implement our Roadmap.
Truegame is now a fully finished and done iGaming platform. We have different games, billing systems, and shopping carts, because of the players
Can participate in multiple images at once, buy tickets online as goods on.
WalletETH: 0x022766eC455c74a83470804a19173ea6C2A31f51

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