Conflict of the USA with the DPRK: Trump found an alternative to the war with North Korea

President of the United States Donald Trump declared full readiness for the second variant of resolving the situation around the DPRK, calling it a military and destructive for Pyongyang. Priority and first version of Trump political scientist Leonid Krutakov calls the destabilization of the Asian region.

The first Trump's plan for the DPRK
The US is fully prepared to use force against North Korea, but it will be devastating for Pyongyang, Trump said. At the same time, military intervention, he said, is not the first option that Washington is considering to prevent the DPRK from conducting its nuclear and missile program.

"In my opinion, the first and main version of Trump in the DPRK should be considered in connection with the entire Asian region, and it is called destabilization. After the death of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Asian region remains the least integrated of all world regions, although it is a key driver of the global economy. Integration of the region could open up broad prospects for it, but China's economic power today scares the Asian neighbors, which the US is trying to take advantage of,
In addition, any conflict situation in the region affects the disintegration of the region, not allowing it to unite. Americans are trying to prevent any Chinese projects to create free trade zones through the artificial creation of political and military threats. Creating threats and conflict situations, they prevent countries from agreeing. And after the disintegration and deceleration of the American global project in the APR, disintegration remains the only remaining strategy of Washington, "explains the FBA" Economy Today "interlocutor

The second Trump's for the DPRK
Krutakov compares the US strategy in Asia with their actions in the Middle East. In his opinion, the "Arab Spring" was a response to China's attempt to agree with the League of Arab States on the establishment of a free trade zone. One of the proponents of this project was the deposed Egyptian president. At the same time, the implementation of the second version of the DPRK, which Trump called the military, the political scientist finds unlikely.

"The growing threat around Pyongyang most scares Seoul and Tokyo. But the development of the situation in the DPRK has already shown that Trump is using, he does not make a decision. And this role Trump corresponds to the maximum, as in fact he is deprived of his rights as the head of the United States. But the American president must constantly prove that he is a strong leader, that is, Trump is in a psychological trap. When it comes to specific solutions, no one allows him to take those of them that were originally voiced in the program.

With regard to the exchange of threats and insults from the DPRK, they will remain at the level of rhetoric, there is hardly any need to expect full-fledged war here. Everybody understands that the DPRK is not a small island in the ocean and it can not be bombed without harming neighboring countries. And given the fact that Pyongyang already has a thermonuclear bomb, the possible consequences of bringing it into effect even on its territory can become irreparable. Hypothetically, nothing can be ruled out, but the Americans will take such a step only in the most extreme case, on the verge of a large-scale internal political chaos, "Leonid Krutakov sums up

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