A team of experienced developers from companies including: ETHEREUM GOVERNING BOARD, UTRUST, MICROSOFT, PINDITY, LYDIAN, CRYPTO20, DUNDI, GOLDMAN SACHS, E-CHAT, MINODES, ECONOMIST …… TV-TWO platform builder: TV-TWO platform is the technology of digital television, digital video, youtube number, … global economy decentralization. TV-TWO platform creates an application that helps people connect traditional television, video on smartphones, create real-world decentralized economies, help content creators create more professional content. Advertisers, content publishers, content users have a close connection, promote, create a community of exchanges of economic value. TV-TWO platform solves the problem of television broadcasting industry focusing on subsidies, delayed growth. TV-TWO platform have 3 most outstanding features of digital TV, digital video, youtube digital: platform; blockchain; Token.1- PLATFORM
Platform is the gateway to connect devices such as smart TV, youtube, video, smart phone, etc. It integrates the TV equipment smoothly, safely. TV-TWO platform is integrated on the platform Ethereum. In order to overcome the limited limited current as well as increasing the latency and transaction fees of Ethereum, Leader teams are employing off-chain signature patterns. State channels are used to facilitate interactions between market participants.
TV-TWO is an application for Connected TVs that offers regular broadcasters an easy way to transition into a world with a personalized video stream.
A major part of the solution is the fact that traditional broadcast signal is watched through the app. Firstly, allowing an overarching analysis of behavioral patterns across all channels — including channel selection and dwell time. Secondly, making easy. Access to the video stream. By pressing Enter on the remote control, a layer is inserted over the TV content. For the user it is the same experience aschanging the channel.
Customer benefits when using the TV-TWO platform:

  • Get to use a platform that blends linear TV with a personalized video stream
    curated by a learning algorithm, allowing more organic content variety
    and without having to pay a monthly subscription fee
  • Experience the freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the chance to select ad frequency
  • Receive rewards for watching sponsored messages well as well as sharing
    anonymous data with advertisers through the TTV.

  •  Decades have passed since the first television came out, and I still remember how excited I was when I came to your favorite movie channel or TV game show, so now you can easily Explore the visual entertainment on the internet, but the feeling of carefully selected content and waiting will always bring excitement to everyone. According to annual statistics, revenue from the visual entertainment channels is hundreds of billions, but not all are good, behind those shimmering images, we are still subject to exclusive control from content publishers.Wishing to bring a clean and convenient broadcast channel for all, TV-TWO was born.TV-TWO will bring the digital age to millions of living rooms around the world!!!
    Today many consumers are very disappointed with the state of the television broadcast, they want to enjoy the neat nature of a fixed schedule program, but want to see more high-profile personalized content. Pictures and their viewing preferences. This is how Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are reaching out to users. In addition, worldwide television networks are abusing their market power as watchers to raise prices for advertisers, pay less for content creators, and increase the cost of subscribing to consumers. use. They actively hinder innovation in providing content and advertising technology to maintain their position and interests.TV-TWO provides the community with a solution in the form of an Open Platform for curious people who want to cut power. This includes an application for connected TVs combines traditional television with a stream of personal content that offers premium content without paying subscribers. The project wants to bring the maximum benefit to all in this platform, by using its TTV token system as a common payment channel for the platform, they will bring a real reform to the solution.
  •  There are three main objects in the media platform, there are no monopolies controlling the content, the game will only be for the worthy: Viewer - Content developer - Advertiser.Ad units will use TTV tokens as a reward for TV viewers, which is also a source of revenue for the entire platform.Content developers also receive TTV tokens when they view their campaigns, which is the motivation to create more and more high-quality content for the channel.In the end, the people who get the most benefit are the viewers, who get quality TV content, at no cost, even free, by accepting ads from people. advertisement.With the W2W (win-to-win) trend like this, when all the people together make a profit, that's great. You can imagine watching TV and still have income. And above all, TV-TWO has a demo channel for everyone, you can visit at website: people think that entertainment content has shifted to smartphones, but a Yahoo survey finds two major drawbacks, which hamper the mobile video experience: screen size and age. battery life. In particular, the screen size is an inevitable disadvantage. I am sure television will remain a center of the living room for many years to come. 
  •  To research more about the project, you can refer directly to their website  or other communication channels attached below.The TV-TWO team:
    The TV-TWO team consists of people with longtime experience in the television service and blockchain technology, as well as the high ratings from experienced people this will be a guarantee for a potential project. 
  •  The current television ecosystem is broken. Broadcasters worldwide abuse their market power as a goalkeeper to raise prices for advertisers, reduce payments to creators, and increase subscription fees for consumers. They actively discourage innovation in content delivery and advertising technology to maintain their oligopolistic position and usefulness. Many consumers are really frustrated by the state of television. They enjoy the restriction of fixed program schedules, but they want to see more premium content tailored to their viewing habits and interests. At the same time, technology giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are looking to build their walled gardens around the TV ecosystem, eager to buy more electricity through data and access to consumers. TV-TWO offers community solutions in the form of open platforms. visit for more information.TV-TWO is an app for Connected TVs that offer customers regular broadcast television an easy way to transition into the world with personalized video streaming. The main part of the solution is the fact that traditional broadcast signals are watched through applications.TV-TWO is divided into two layers. The first layer, which is inserted after starting the application, consists of broadcast signals with all standard TV functions. The second layer, achieved through pressing Enter on the remote control, displays a personalized video stream.For the first launch of the app, onboarding is shown to explain basic functionality. After that, starting the app directs the user to the first layer – the channel is currently displayed in the TV window. Although the viewing experience has not changed, the Hbb banner ads sold by the TV network are hidden for users.Customer benefits when using the TV-TWO platform:
    Get to use platforms that combine a linear TV with personalized video tailored to the learning algorithm, allowing a greater variety of organic content and without paying a monthly subscription fee
    Feel free to skip videos and ads as well as the opportunity to choose the frequency of ads
    Receive awards for watching sponsored messages while sharing anonymous data with advertisers via TTV.
    How does it work?
    Step 1: Install TWO TV apps from your Smart TV.
    Step 2: Sync your wallet from your TV with your other device.
    Step 3: watch your personalized broadcast and video stream.
    Step 4: Check the token you’ve collected.
    Step 5: Redeem your chip for Ether, Bitcoin or Fiat. 

 Our goal is to build a direct relationship between consumers, content providers, and advertisers (see Figure 1). Individual actors have the power to interact directly with Blockchain, decentralize ecosystems, and cripple oligopolistic TV networks, broadcasters, and technology giants by actively blocking open innovation. In Section A.1 we confirm our claim that the TV network is set up as an oligopoly. Based on the findings of programmed billboards harassed by fraud, limited visibility and brand security issues, we will post more information on the Internet at, placing transparency at the heart of the model,TV-TWO is based on TOAST open source project for Web TV Application development. This app uses open web standards to play personalized video streams for users and to engage with smart contracts as well as country channels. It is possible to track the value exchanged between users, content providers and advertisers on the Ethereum blockchain without having to trust TV-TWO reporting as a central entity.When viewing television through the TV-TWO app, users can start streaming personalized videos with just one click on the Enter key. Every time a sponsored video has finished playing, the user is shown the current balance of the TTV as determined by a combination of Ethereum wallet contents and the balance of an open country channel with TV-TWO that has not been completed in the chain yet. To trigger brand recognition and gamification, the advertiser logo and and the stack of coins are shown in an animation that shows the current balance of TTV.Offering interactive coins
Interactive Coin Offering (ICO), which is our crowdsale mode, was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch to turn the crowdsales into a perfect information game. You take the model indefinitely and propose the following rules:Crowdsale participants will bid and bid the maximum sales they want to attend. If the sales amount reaches the maximum sales rank, the participant’s offer will be canceled and the contribution will be refunded. If they wish, participants have the option to withdraw their offer from sale until the withdrawal key is obtained.
Increased discounts will be given early in sales to motivate early participation.
Individual buyers can submit multiple bids on different ranksTOKEN
Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that manages exchange rates
between consumers, content producers and advertisers. Payment units, transaction units, join the network, connect with users, incentives for use. TV-TWO introduces Token for Television (TTV) as a currency in a globally decentralized TV ecosystem. Ethereal-based tokens called TTV, Token for Television, will drive the ecosystem while ensuring security and justice.

 More information:Website:

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