What is TV-TWO

The emergence of cryptocurrency surely creates new hopes that created better world conditions. the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency had well received by the world community as the part is in the future, believing the cryptocurrency become one of the future solutions of a decentralized payment method.

IN 2017. Cryptocurrency market capitalization reached + + $ 500 million. fantastic numerous growth figures had been printed. it increased twenty-seven fold, forecasting still continues and is predicted to touch the capitalization value of at least $ 5 trillion in 2025. this significant growth is driven by the progressive development of blockchain technology, the technology remains vital to market growth. that is one of many indications who determines the future of cryptocurrency. and surely the benefits of the blockchain platform utility itself are offered to solve the current issues nowadays, obviously provides benefits and breakthroughs on current.

What is TV-TWO?

TV-TWO is a new open content platform' for people looking to merge their usual TV experience with the options of'personalized video streaming'. As a result, customers can access quality online content without additional subscription costs. The platform uses a native token to manage the exchange of information within its ecosystem, and enables monetary exchanges between consumers, content providers and advertisers.
TV-TWO es una nueva ICO con sede en Alemania, que ofrece a la comunidad la experiencia de contenido que desean ver y obtienen fichas en el proceso, utilizando la tecnología blockchain para impulsar la plataforma. Ofrecen una aplicación para televisores inteligentes utilizados como la nueva puerta de entrada a la transmisión lineal combinada con un flujo de video personalizado como un canal adicional. Utiliza la tecnología blockchain para orquestar el nuevo ecosistema de televisión, con interacciones directas entre usuarios, publicistas y productores de contenido. Un token personalizado basado en Ethereum llamado TTV, Token for Television, alimentará el ecosistema al tiempo que garantizará la seguridad y la equidad.
TV-TWO is divided into two levels. The first layer to be inserted after starting the application consists of a transmission signal with all the standard TV functions. The second level, achieved by pressing Enter on the remote control, displays a personalized video stream.
For the initial start of the app, onboarding will be displayed to explain its basic functionality. After that, the app launch leads directly to the first layer - the current channel displayed in the TV window. While the viewing experience has not changed, the Hbb banners sold by TV networks are hidden by users. Sometimes a reminder is shown on how to enter a TV-TWO video stream.
TV-TWO brings a ruthless transaction and a cryptographic wallet to 700 million Smart TVs worldwide. We associate outreach on the big screen and facilitate the direct exchange of values between users, advertisers and content creators through the pay channel.
Consumers can watch cured videos while receiving TTV for choosing to watch sponsored messages from advertisers. Content creators are rewarded by users with TTV for their quality productions. The Token for Television will be a wholesale. The TTV crowdsale is especially relevant for advertisers looking for sponsors on the big screen. Network Utility The Expansion Mechanism is inherent to our model. Since there will be no more coins issued after the Token Crowdsale and each Token has the reserved right to show a fixed portion of the TV-TWO user base, each consumer who reaches it increases the usefulness of the token.

Big Problem
1.Lack of Innovation:
Since major networks control the flow of all televised content, the problem of decreasing quality is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day.

  1. Premium Content:
    Another major issue with TV content these days is that, most of the major networks have introduced premium packages that require a monthly fee for viewers to avail of content that was previously free to view.

Great Solution
TV -TWO is offering a multi-pronged approach to redefine the current tv network. It aims to decentralise the tv networks of today by presenting an application which offers the personalised Premium video content coupled with ads. The user can enter the category through his traditional tv network. The advertisers can utilise the data shared by the consumers to offer better ads. Consumers have to option to select the ad frequency and skip videos. The content providers, the consumers and the advertisers are part of the platform.
Everyone has the benefit of their own on the platform and they will work in synergy to create a decentralised Tv network. A few of the benefit of the platform for multiple entities are mentioned below.
Supervised Learning Algorithm curated personalised content for the consumers who are the king of the platform
Reward to the consumers for watching sponsored messages
Full analytical reports to the content creators to refine their content to achieve maximum viewership
Targeting and attribution features for the advertisers to address various issue of the advertising on the tv.

Main Objetives
Establishing a direct relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers has the power to interact directly with Blockchain, a decentralized ecosystem, and disarm television networks, oligopoly broadcasters, and the technology giant by actively blocking open innovation. In Section A.1, we confirm our assertion that the TV network is structured as an oligopoly. Based on findings of scheduled billboards damaged by traps, visibility limitations and brand security issues.

The TV-TWO application provides the user with a personalized video stream, as well as premium content, without subscription costs.
Additional channels can be opened by pressing Enter on the remote control.
The controlled learning algorithm selects appropriate videos from a wide range of high-quality content.
A variety of video categories: movies, music, travel and nature, news and politics, food, fashion, sports, cars, technology, games and education.
Possibility of skipping video advertising as well as choosing the frequency of advertising

TV-TWO es gratis?
As noted above, all the premium content shown through the TV-Two broadcast is integrated with advertisements. In addition to this, through the use of this system, consumers have the ability to share their personal data with advertisers on their own terms. This basically means that advertisers obtain personal information about our viewing habits, which allows them to transmit more personalized / relevant messages which in turn can result in "greater user satisfaction and better advertising spending"

Crowd Sale
We will use the new and enhanced crowdsale standard from Interactive Coin Offering (ICO) to ensure a more fair and transparent ordering process.

Symbol: TTV
ICO period: from April 24th to May 24th, 2018
Platform: Ethereum
Soft cap: 2,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
Price: 1ETH = 10,1000 TTV

Team of Professionals

Jan Phillip Hofste, Co-Founder TV-TWO, Industrial Engineer.
Philipp Schulz, Co-Founder TV-TWO, Entrepreneur.
Nicolas Schnorpfeil, Chief Financial Ocer, Economist.
Christopher Obereder, Chief Marketing Ocer, Entrepreneur.
Philip Rottsch¨afer, Chief Operations Ocer, Growth. Operations, Partnerships, Recruiting.
Cody Lamson, Blockchain Developer, Solidity.
Jonas Schmidt, Head of Business Development, Strategist.
Rodrigo Acosta, Blockchain Developer, Supporter.
Joschka Kintscher, Software Engineer and Crypto Investor, Supporter.
Michael Brand, Back-End Developer, Supporter
Dave Barton, Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter, Supporter.
David Ben Kay, Governing Board of Ethereum (2016), Advisor.
Tim Wegner, Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Advisor.
Phillip Nunn, CEO at The Blackmore Group, Advisor.
John Patrick Mullin, FTC Asian Regional Director, Advisor.
Simon Cocking, Editor in Chief at Cryptocoin.
Jason Butcher, COO Coinpayments & Founder Parallel Payments, Advisor.
Tom Budd, Blockchain Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Advisor.
Oliver Laurence, Strategy Expert & Startup Mentor, Advisor.
Arthur Zubko, FinTech & Marketing Consultant, Advisor.
Tobias Schulz, Blockchain Investor at High-Tech GrÃunderunderfonds, Advisor.
Kai Rieke, Marketing Director at Project A Ventures, Advisor.
Dan Biton, Co-Founder Gimli, Advisor.
Harold Kim, Asia Regional Director, Advisor.

Website: https://tv-two.com/

Whitepaper: https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2895348.0

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tvtwocom

Twiter : https://twitter.com/tvtwocom

Telegram : https://t.me/tvtwocom

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