The TV-TWO platform creates an app that helps people connect traditional television, video on smartphones, create a decentralized economy in the real world, helping content creators create more professional content. Advertisers, content publishers, content users have a close relationship, promote, create a community of economic value exchange. The TV-TWO platform solves the problem of the television broadcast industry that focuses on subsidies, delayed growth. The TV-TWO platform has 3 features of digital TV, digital video, the most prominent digital youtube: platform; blockchain; Token.

What is TV-TWO

TV-TWO is an all new ‘open content platform’ for individuals who are looking to amalgamate their regular television experience with that of “personalized video streaming” options. As a result of this, customers can become privy to quality online content at no extra subscription costs. The platform makes use of a native token to administer the exchange of information within its ecosystem, and allows for monetary exchanges to take place between consumers, content providers and advertisers.
a. They will create a decentralized platform that is named TV-TWO Smart TV App.
b. Users can start a personalized video stream offering premium content at no subscription costs.
c. Additional channels and can be opened by pressing Enter on the remote control.
d. Supervised learning algorithm selects suitable videos from a broad selection of high quality content.
e. Video categories exist: Movies, Music, News and Politics, Travel and Nature, Food and Beverages, Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Cars, Technology, Gaming, and Education.

TV TWO platform will use TV networks and broadcasters exploit their position as middlemen.


TV with a personalized videostream curated by a supervised learning algorithm, enabling more organic content variety and relevance without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. Freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the chance to select ad frequency. Rewards for watching relevant sponsored messages as well as sharing anonymous data with advertisers through the TTV.

Customer benefits when using the TV-TWO platform:

Get to use platforms that combine a linear TV with personalized video tailored to the learning algorithm, allowing a greater variety of organic content and without paying a monthly subscription fee. Feel free to skip videos and ads as well as the opportunity to choose the frequency of ads. Receive awards for watching sponsored messages while sharing anonymous data with advertisers via TTV.

Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content producers and advertisers. Payment unit, transaction unit, joining a network, connecting with users, incentive for usage. TV-TWO is introducing the Token for Television (TTV) as the currency in globally decentralized TV ecosystem. A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV, the Token for Television, will fuel the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness.

Content provider

Accept the opportunity to generate reach on a television without having to sign a contract with a TV network, giving a small creator focusing on quality video in the same voice as determined by watch statistics and not clicks. Get full transparency on watch statistics for their videos without having to trust a centralized platform that can update their content more easily with the advantage of high media expenditures that lead to TV.


Receive automatic media targeting and attribution features and ordering on TV they know from digital advertisingEach per user reports on ad engagement and organic video contexts without being subjected to non-transparent KPI fraud or reporting Can answer users based on the party’s first-party method without having to submit data to TV -Two or a third party.TTV or TV-Two starts its ICO event series on February 24th & will end on March 24, 2018.

How does it work?

Step 1,: Install the TV-TWO app one your Smart Tv.

Step 2: Sync the wallet from your TV to your other devices.

Step 3: Watch Broadcast and your personalized Video Stream.

Step 4: Check the tokens that you have collected.

Step 5: Trade your tokens for ether,Bitcoin or Fiat.

How does it scale?

In order to overcome the currently limited scalability as well as increasing latency and transaction fees of Ethereum, we are employing off-chain signature patterns. State channels are used to facilitate interactions between market participants.


We will employ the new and improved crowdsale standard of the Interactive Coin Offering (ICO) in order to guarantee a fairer and more transparent assignment process.

Token Distribution

The Token for Television (TTV) will be distributed as follows:

a. Available for Purchase: 500,000,000 Tokens for Television will be available for purchase. In relative terms, 75% of all tokens will be sold to the public during the crowdsale.

b. Team: 15% of the available tokens will be retained by TV-TWO. The tokens are vested over three years.

c. Supporters and Advisors: 6% of the available tokens will go to supporters and advisors of TV-TWO.

d. Campaigns: 4% of the available tokens will be granted to supporters that have participated in the Bounty and Marketing Campaign.

e. Market Maker: Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the hard cap will be locked for two years in a smart contract. The smart contract stabilizes the price of the TTV by automatically purchasing back tokens, should the market price drop below the issue price.

f. Unsold tokens will be burned.

g. More tokens will not be created in the future


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