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BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system designed to manage your advertising in the best possible manner. It is built on data science technology and works as the best Google advertising campaign management. You can say it best since all your advertising will be done by self-learning neural networks, not by humans. You can expect consistent improvement. It can achieve minimum fifty percent better result than the professionals. If you are interested to know more about this platform, you can go through the following article.

What is BiNeuro?

As mentioned earlier, this platform is made to make your advertising campaign more effective, fast, and profitable. It will work for 24/7. There will be no sick leaves, holiday, and weekends. Therefore, you can expect the best outcome. Besides, BiNeuro will take into account up to 300 000 parameters. If the job will be done by humans, then they can take up to 100.

With this platform, you do not need to spend a huge for your advertising campaign. You do not need to manage your professionals as well. Everything will be seamless and perfect. It can carry out a campaign for your small and large customers without charging more.

Why should you consider this company?

The company has more than one decades experience in this industry that proves the credibility of the company. During this journey, it has conducted 80, 000 advertising campaigns. In the current condition, the company holds around 15,000 Google accounts. In 2017, the creator of this company, UCT WORLD CORPORATION, was one of the top ten of Google’s fast growing partners. All the credit goes to BiNeuro.

This platform can enable the businesses to carry out an online campaign for large scale customers. It uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure secure transactions. Besides, the reliability of data will be verified by blockchain technology. Only a limited number of participants will be able to place an assessment that will ensure the quality of service. It will be able to meet all agency needs that will include specialist, blogger, offline agent, blogger, contractor, freelancer, customers, and others. It has six characteristics. These are data science technology, machine learning, big data, singular spectrum analysis, fuzzy logic of fuzzy logic, and decision tree.

As the company will be powered by blockchain, the entire process will be transparent and secure. All the data will be managed with utmost care.

Quick facts about ICO token

Token name: BNR

Token Price: 1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH

Total amount issued: 850m

Hard cap – 47k ETH

You can participate in the token sale to be a part of this system.

This token will offer access to the ratings, technologies, services, and premium services of the ecosystem of this platform. The tokens will be allocated to product processing, team and partners, marketing, back-office and operating expenses, bonuses, and legal expenses. When the maximum forty-seven percent will be allocated to product processing, the minimum five percent will be sent for legal expenses. Twenty-five percent will be allocated to team and partners.


They have an experienced team. The team has scientists, mathematicians, and digital marketing professionals. The CEO and co-founder of this company is Dmitrii Pavlov. The CJO and co-founder is Oleg Chertov. Other key members of this team are Kateryna Feshchuk, Anna Stetsenko, Tetiana Onyshchenko, Vladyslav Bezuhlyi, Dmytro Zaika, and Anatolii Yakovets.

You can visit to know more about this platform and token sale.


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