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The essential role of trading any terminal is to allow traders to work with cryptocurrencies. The trading platforms allow simultaneous trading from several exchanges. But that is just a trading platform. An ideal trading platform allows traders to perform a myriad of tasks while supporting plenty of exchanges, and this brings us to TYDO.

What is TYDO?

TYDO is a multifaceted and multifunctional cryptocurrency trading platform that supports well over 50 exchanges. The main essence behind the design of this platform was to create a tool that would allow efficient interaction with crypto exchanges.

Aside from boosting exchange interaction efficiency, TYDO is seen as the ultimate solution of fixing the issues that plague many of the exchanges. As a result, TYDO is expected to optimize profit creation, while significantly reducing the risks associated with exchanges.

Founded in 2017, TYDO`s main idea is to provide a state-of-the-art platform to traders who are looking to automate their trading practices, while being able to create and use effective strategies.

Using an intuitive, built-in and easy-to-use automation solution, TYDO brings traders onto a single platform where they can trade.

The TYDO Ecosystem

TYDO functionality and success revolves around three major segments;

-The trading terminal

-The marketplace

-The social trading platform

The trading terminal

The trading terminal is probably the major feature of the TYDO ecosystem.
The trading terminal is an automation tool that can be used to see indicators of the market, at any certain moment.


With the help of a technical analysis tool, the trading terminal features charts and data, which will help you in conducting technical analysis, and developing trading strategies for exchanges.

The marketplace

This is where the actual trade actually happens. Here, you can go to buy and sell orders.

The social trading platform

The social trading platform is more like a forum, where traders with similar interests can share their experience, exchange ideas and strategies, share trading history, and anything and everything that pertains TYDO tokens.

Compared to other trading exchanges, TYDO houses all the above-mentioned tools under one roof, therefore providing a one-stop destination for all your trading needs.

What`s more? The trading platform has been designed in an intuitive, user-friendly and in a well-defined design that allows easy and convenient trading.

Aside from the design, and harboring new technology features, the platform is highly customizable allows you to define the platform according to your needs.

TYDO Features

Some of the standout feature that TYDO has to offer include;

-Customizable and user-friendly interface

-Supports well over 50 exchanges

-Uses more than 100 technical indicators that include charts, graphs and pies

-A pine script which allows you to design individual trading strategies

-Automated interface

-Accessible on a mobile interface


To fund the development of their company, TYDO has decided to crowd sell their TYD tokens. The ERC20 tokens, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain will be used as a currency on TYDO.

The TYDO token sale will happen in two rounds, all with varying ICO caps. According to the company, all the unsold TYD tokes are bound to be burned.


The two main figures behind TYDO are ANDREW BURMITSKII, the Co-Founder & CTO, and ANTON SOKOLOVSKYY, also a Co-Founder & CO.
Other notable figures behind TYDO include ANASTASIYA ROMANOVSKA, the Product Manager / Head of HR, VASILIY HARCHENKO Senior Designer, ALEX BOGACHUK Finance Manager and ANDREY KORNIENKO Head of Media, among others.

Even though there is a risk of automating your trading, https://tydo.io/en seems like a good platform to trade. It has a well-defined system, and the customization aspect will allow you to achieve better results when trading.

WEBSITE :http://tydo.io/
WHITEPAPER :http://tydo.io/WhitepaperEN.pdf
BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3555572
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/groups/tydo.io/
TWITTER :https://twitter.com/TYDO18
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@tydoio2018
TELEGRAM :https://t.me/tydocommunity

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