We continue to consider the project to the allowing advertizing sphere to make huge jump forward. His name – UBEX. We will consider the main problems which are solved by the project and also partners and team of the project.

UBEX - the platform which is based on a blockchain allows advertizing to become really effective due to artificial intelligence. Neural networks of the UBEX platform instantly create the algorithms allowing with the maximum advantage for the person to carry out the analysis of his preferences.

What problems are solved by the project

The UBEX project allows to solve a problem of interaction between proposals of advertisers and also the websites of publishers. It means that in real time there is a full analysis of data to select the most relevant offers. Neural networks help with realization of this idea. In this regard the probability of obtaining the necessary result increases many times.

Creators of the platform have decided to get rid of intermediaries once and for all. And they have successfully coped with a task as have introduced smart contacts on the UBEX platform. The efficiency of cooperation in respect of economy became much higher as between advertisers and publishers there are no excess links and the 3rd persons.

Lack of a possibility of a tokenizirovaniye of the spaces. The UBEX project could embody it would seem incredibly difficult task in life. By means of statistics of advertizing platforms and other analysis the forecast of their earnings is provided to publishers. At due reputation the forecast will be true for 100%. And again algorithms artificial intelligence and neural networks do the part!

Lack of reputation on the platforms connected with the sphere of advertizing. As UBEX – one of the most advanced platforms in the sphere of advertizing it solves a problem of reputation having created multilevel system. Publishers and advertisers will have own ratings. All information will be stored on the platform and the technology a blockchain will ensure full safety as digital means and personal data. The mechanism of work has been created thus that the most conscientious partners will be recommended.

Partners of the project

Cooperation with the UBEX project was concluded by the large companies from which it is possible to distinguish widely known INVIDIA. She is engaged in creation of graphic accelerators and also processors.

One more large partner is SingularityNET. Creators of the project are engaged in realization of the ideas in the sphere of artificial intelligence and also try to solve a set of problems. According to developers the functionality of AI is difficult in operation and also expensive and labor-consuming.

Team of the project

The CEO of the platform is Artem Chestnov. His experience in the sphere of marketing and also excellent skills of the businessman have allowed the project to become perspective at the first stages of development. I worked in the large companies as the head of marketing and innovations.

His assistant – Daniel Bisuz. Cofounder and specialist in legal issues. After acquaintance to the project manager I have decided to invest all the forces and means in development of artificial intelligence and the UBEX project.


I consider that prospects at the project enormous at the expense of the decision at once 4 important problems. Each of them to some extent slowed down development of the advertizing sphere and didn't allow to bring her to new level. For the user banners will show only useful information created from his own preferences and for the advertiser and the publisher there will be no problems in respect of intermediaries. Suggests combinations of all factors an idea that the project will win popularity in the nearest future. Also for users a pleasant bonus will be the fact that at smaller publicity expenses the advertiser will make service or goods is cheaper. All thanks to neural networks and artificial intelligence. Technology of this sort along with a blockchain allows to receive one of the necessariest projects under the name UBEX.


Web: https://www.ubex.com/
Ann : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3393291.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubex_ai/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UbexAl/
Telegram : https://t.me/UbexAI

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