Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project. In this review we will review the main strengths of the project and its prospects.How often do you try to avoid secondary sites that compromise your security and also take your time by transferring you to completely unnecessary content? To solve these most important problems, UBEX platform will provide a completely new approach that everyone will appreciate, because at the moment the user can not choose which ads he wants to view. This problem should be solved as quickly as possible with decentralized networks in a couple of clicks, in which artificial intelligence itself will find the right audience through neural networks, promoting only the right content. The essence of the modern algorithm is that now the artificial intelligence itself will recommend for which audience it is necessary to promote the content, depending on the number of people interested in passing through the links, and you do not need to look for an audience for more than hours.

The entire previous system is completely outdated as referees are forced to cheat, and advertisers are offering increasingly insane and creative ideas for the benefit of a new audience. With the emergence of new brands, the most important problem for users is the truthfulness of information, because by 2020 the total profit from advertising will be more than 950 billion dollars.

All traditional algorithms are outdated, they are expensive, and manufacturers are losing potential buyers because of the dilettantism of marketers. To maximize the performance of new blockchain technologies, the project will use a progressive system in which the platform itself, analyzing user settings, will offer only suitable content for them, which is likely to be used by them. Built in each node similar queries will have maximum speed as well as full transparency of information.

With the help of neural training, ADAM Core system will calculate the best algorithms and gradually develop and filter all the necessary algorithms. The system will be integrated on one platform of advertisers and website owners to get all the necessary information in seconds to promote the content as efficiently as possible. In order for site owners to interact with artificial intelligence using the Ubex token as efficiently as possible, It is designed to encourage visitors to the data as well as user priorities. Now neural networks will be trained independently. To interact with other projects and to convert tokens, the Ethereum ERC-20 system will be used. Every quarter 20% of tokens will be burned and you will be able to get 100+ x in no time if you buy tokens now.

The essence of the new algorithm is that the system automatically, at the stage of creating nodes, will filter the best and worst requests and user clicks on links and in the future will create only the necessary information for advertising on sites for the desired audience. This technology will be all our future - it will be enough to filter information on some parameters, and all in itself will give only the best and most modern algorithms. Technologies taken from blockchain 3.0 completely change the current view of decentralization.

The project team occupies a leading position, the technology of the project currently has all the advantages of blockchain 3.0 and will become the most important platform for evaluating traffic and advertising on the site. In General, I liked the project, and at the moment it is the first-class, with the most competent use of blockchain technology.
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