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Hello, dear readers, guests and friends! Today, to carry out various operations and processes between people and enterprises, there is always first and foremost a question of trust. It is essential for everyone to know what he's buying, what the quality of the products, whether it is useful for health, the history of the car, also, the firms are willing to pay a lot of money for obtaining the personal information from the people in order to understand them better and to offer really need.

We notice that many social networks are brazenly using our data, selling it to advertising agencies and other intermediaries, and making trillions of dollars on it. Of course, we simply do not always guess that each of our social movements, released in the public environment, can be beneficial, but in monetary terms almost only to shops and businesses.

Sometimes we are forced to advertise on different websites after searching for the products we are interested in such browsers as Google and Yandex, as a result of which we sometimes have to install different ad blockers. Now almost no resource can not do without the insertion of advertising, even for example, before you start watching the match of the world Cup 2018 first have to endure two or three commercials.

Blockchain technology has already given impetus to the competent and rational use of their data on the Internet and turning them into a value without many intermediaries and with the possibility of regulation by the people themselves. Of course, the first payment system that showed the advantages was bitcoin, but it has to be improved because of the workload and considerable fees. And the solution of these shortcomings is taken to solve the project Uchain.
UChain is a decentralized platform that aims to simplify the process of creating decentralized dApps applications to create a public infrastructure on the blockchain. It will help to solve the problem of trust between all participants and monetize your personal and other data without fear of losing them. The interaction will be carried out directly between the participants and the enterprises, without intermediaries in the form of banking, electronic payment systems, centralized search engines and social networks.

All this will be implemented using the user's personal credit passport, its internal cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer network with intelligent contracts. Everyone will be able to become both an individual and a corporate service provider, developers will be able to create their applications on top of the network and support this infrastructure.

The idea of the platform dates back to 2017 and members of U-bicycle, which is a subsidiary, are represented in the project team U.B Group Holding. This is a powerful Internet community consisting of several companies, which is based on the model of public and shared use. According to the figures, the number of their users today is not less than 30 million people per month from 40 cities and 5 countries. Partners and investors are large and well-known companies, which can be seen in the picture below!
The company does not conduct a public sale of tokens, most likely they already have enough funds for further development of their ideas. All the technology will be used and implemented in the very leading Internet company of U-bicycle, which specializes in traveling together, and it still has many subsidiaries. Such a powerful base will allow you to move faster and effectively on the road map and get more feedback from a considerable number of users.

The platform will allow companies to register their digital assets using a convenient set of API and SDK tools. Thanks to artificial intelligence, all the necessary data will be collected to determine the solvency of the participants and this is reflected in his credit passport. The idea is very promising and requires of course a lot of effort to implement it, but such an experienced team of professionals I think under the forces to cope with it.

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