In the ocean, found the base of aliens with Nibiru

In the ocean, found the base of aliens with Nibiru

NASA satellites accidentally discovered the alien submarine home, from which they are observing humanity

The VIIRS device, which is used to search for forest fires, unexpectedly showed thermal anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean, near South America. One of the largest areas attracted the attention of scientists and ufologists.

Conspiracy therapists are divided: some believe that there are submarines from Russia or China, others believe that NASA has found an alien base with Nibiru. And the heat is radiated from the alien ships.

Ufologists believe that the VIIRS unit could find guests from other worlds in the Bermuda Triangle. After all, theories about how deeply under water, wherever a person does not get, other civilizations live, have been going on for a long time. In addition, the oceans are poorly understood by people. Conspiracy theorists say that it is not by chance that so often meetings with UFOs are registered in cities on the shores of various water bodies.

Experts cannot precisely explain the nature of these thermal points. Patricia Olive of the Private University in Chile notes that fire cannot burn in water, which means that it is a source of heat of another kind, probably even artificial. She stressed that there are no natural gas leaks so far from the shore, and there are simply no underwater volcanoes in this region.

Many scientists, according to the VistaNews portal, have suggested that the anomaly is the radiation domain of SAMA. The charged particles of the sun are held by the magnetic field of the earth and cause these thermal regions

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