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Good evening, dear friends. The number of employees working remotely is growing rapidly around the world. Sociological market research shows that, for example, in the United States in 2017 thus earned a living up to 36% of the population in Russia by 2020 the number of employees in this area will reach 20% of the total working population. Even today, the share of Russian companies that attract remote employees reaches 40% of the total number of companies in the country.
World stock exchanges of freelancers and social network brought together customers and providers. Companies can hire a specialist from anywhere in the world, focusing only on business performance indicators. Europe and the United States remain the most popular markets for remote work. 51% of all freelancers work for European customers, 68% for North American freelancers.
What attracts employers in this way of work organization? According to a survey conducted by the Internet portal and HSE in 2011, customers have indicated the following reasons for using freelancers:
opportunity to attract for a specific task for a certain period (75%),
the speed of the search specialist (53%),
the cost of freelancers (52%),
financial savings on PAYROLL taxes, sick pay, other taxes and benefits.
But, of course, as in any business, there are many problems. The main include:
violation of the terms of the task by the contractor, his disappearance;
poor quality of the task;
fuzzy pricing;
incorrect statement of the problem by the Customer;
on traditional freelance exchanges feed a lot of scammers, the only purpose of which – to get an advance payment;
risks of non-fulfillment of financial obligations by the Customer;
language barrier.
Existing exchanges and communities have not yet been able to offer a universal solution that suits everyone.
An ambitious Russian team-the creators of the decentralized labor exchange UMKA, has set a goal-to implement a vertically integrated ecosystem regulating this global market.
In his interview with UMKA CEO Timur Akhmedzhanov said: "UMKA is the result of my own experience, my own difficulties and mistakes... We spent a lot of time studying the problems of the modern freelance market and spent about the same time developing and testing the concept...» The goals of the project can be summarized as follows:

Unambiguous identification of the contractor's competences with the help of a digital passport containing all the information necessary for the employer;
Well-regulated relations between the employer and the contractor by means of a flexible system of smart contracts;
Neural translation integrated into the system to facilitate communication between different users;
Integration of the labor exchange with educational institutions to bring into compliance with the requirements of employers and performers;
Fully controlled and secure procedure for the parties to fulfill their contractual obligations.
The UMKA service is a decentralized system managed by users. The basis of the service is the EOS blockchain with the consensus algorithm Delegated Proof of Stake, smart contracts are written in C++.
The movement of funds within the system occurs through smart contracts that will work, initially, with assets (in-system electronic equivalents) Bitcoin and Ether. Later, 7 more crypto and Fiat assets will be introduced. Purchase of assets of any of the currencies presented on the platform will be carried out at the rate of 1:1. That is, when you enter 1 BTC, the user will receive an asset equal to the cost of 1 BTC, when you enter$ 1, the user will receive an asset equal to the cost of$1.
The Commission of the system is only 1% of the value of the contracts concluded with its help, any user fees are ABSENT!
More information about the structure and functioning of the UMKA platform can be found in the WHITEPAPER project.
Currently, the project team is conducting an ICO procedure. Any interested person will be able to purchase a DIGITAL UMK coin ( ERC20 standard) issued on the Ethereum blockchain at a price of$ 0.1 until August 1, 2018, giving their owner the right to realize investment interests. That is, after the launch of the UMKA platform, all investors will receive their part of the profit from ITS activities. The total issue is provided in the amount of 180 000 000 coins.

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