Why are there poor people?

People - is the work of God, the pinnacle of his creation. Do you agree with this statement?
Then, why are there poor people, people who want and can live with dignity?

Here we do not take into account people who do not want to live well by their own convictions. There are very few.

According to UNESCO, 250 million people cannot write and read because of poor education, 60 million children do not have access to education.

Agree with that these are terrible figures.

Scientists say that people with the education, such people would not be poor.
Why they cannot get an education?

The first reason is the lack of sufficient material means to pay for training.
The second reason is the lack of information about the possibility of training on grants, the possibility to study for free.

The third reason is the inability to find a suitable university since only expensive universities are advertised on the Internet.

The fourth reason is that talented people can not reveal and show their ideas and projects to the whole world.
Can we solve these problems?

Yes, we can, by collecting on a United Minds platform potential students and educational institutions. Without any intermediaries, they will be able to communicate with each other directly.

They will be able to find people who will support them and give them the opportunity to get a quality education.
Universities, at a minimum cost, significantly saving their budget, will find the most worthy potential students and help them to get a quality education.

Read our White Paper, give us your opinion. Do you support us and millions of potential students?

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