Universal Reward Protocol

Welcome my dear friends. And here came the long-awaited weekend, which means that I am full of energy and ready to tell you about new projects. Universal Reward Protocol is a blockchain-based Protocol in which retailers can reward shoppers for several types of behavior, such as simply visiting a store. By taking the opportunity to share your online shopping data, the buyer receives premium tokens, while the data is used by retailers to create offers that best meet the needs of each customer. Buyers can then redeem their tokens through these exclusive and personalized offers.

DApp, like Occi, can be used as evidence of conduct in this Protocol, to reward the activity in the store using the technology of IoT, and AI and set her up with some of the largest retail chains worldwide.

Customers can finally enjoy all the benefits of a fully customizable, one-stop reward program for universal customers, portable in all their favorite stores. All with respect to the privacy of each client as a priority and with full transparency of blockchain technology.

General information about token and ICO

Token: URP
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 600,000,000 URP
Price: 1 URP = 0,1 EUR

Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 20,000,000 EUR

Quantity: 15,000,000 EUR
Beginning: 08.08.2018
Completion: 08.09.2018
5,000,000 EUR - 25%
10.000.000 EUR-15%


Quantity: Up to Hard cap
Beginning: 08.09.2018
Completion: 30.09.2018
Yves Benchimol
CEO and co-founder of MSc. Ecole Polytechnique (1st engineering school in France) and Master of business from the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, @Jive (task management market leader) and @Dassault Falcon Jet

Louis Millon
CTO and co-founder of MSc. Ecole Polytechnique (1st engineering school in France) and master of engineering in IEOR from the University of California at Berkeley. Previously @cat and @Autolib (the biggest one of all exchange cars in France)

Thomas Wolf
COO Former CEO of France & Regional Director Europe @ Catalina marketing World leader in digital coupon with the largest database of customer purchase history in the world

Yohan Maurin
Blockchain engineer financial engineering MsC with major in Fintech from ESIL

Raphael Attal
Chief strategist Moscow Time. ESSEC Business School (5th business school in Europe). Previously @ Goldman Sachs and @UBS

Tanguy de La Villegeorges
Research fellow Master in data science from ECE in Paris. Formerly @Econocom (main it consulting firm) and @Auchan (12th retailer in the world)

Enguerrand Pelletier
Engineer-backend MSK. Computer science from Supinfo. Previously @Datexim (automatic cancer detection)

Gabriel Mulko
Marketing Manager Master of management from HEC Paris (2nd business school in Europe). Previously @BigMamma (a chain of restaurants)

Rémi Gazquez
Engineer-backend MSK. Computer science from ENSICaen and Master advanced cryptography and biometrics from UCBN Earlier @UTB and @Numberly

Alexandra Masse
Community Manager Master of management from ESCP Europe


François Poupard
Former head of innovation @ Auchan Retail member of the Mulliez family (the owners of the Auchan group, the 12th retailer and partner company Sun Art Retail)

Jeremy Bokobza
Lead Blockchain developer @Stratis is an Experienced software developer with extensive knowledge of system architecture, consulting with companies like Microsoft and Blinkbox

Laurent El Ghaoui
Professor at EECS @UC Berkeley mechanical learning Expert Former scientific Advisor @Walmart Labs

Thibault de Vésinne-Larüe
Venture Architect @BCG Digital Ventures Earlier @BCG Paris Founder of Tracr group, first industry-leading tracking chain platform

Deepak Gulati
CEO and CIO @ 'argentière $ 5B + Investment firm

Nilesh Jethwa
CEO of @Marex Solutions risk management Solutions 2015
The launch
The partnership is signed with Auchan, one of the largest distribution groups in the world.
Product development Occi.

Road map
Proof of concept, the first Auchan storage equipped with IOT sensors.
Seed funding from business angels.
Filed two patents on proprietary algorithms (FR1656748 and FR1654618)
Awarded by the French public investment Bank at the Concord Mondial de l'innovation competition (world innovation competition).
The solution is ready for release.
The contract was signed with Carrefour, one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world.
The contract was signed with Galeries Lafayette.
Occi live in over 100,000 square meters of retail stores with 150,000 unique visitors identified each day.
The beginning of the URP Protocol.
Q1 2018
Development of markers - Representing the URP brands and retailers
Clarification of the Protocol on the basis of their expressed needs
Q2 2018
Development of URP Protocol architecture
Preliminary discussions of partnerships with consumer brands and retailers
White paper issue
The layout of the merchant interface and application for buyers
Q3 2018
The release of UX / UI interface retail
The release of UX / UI interface of the buyer
Leave URP MVP: Smart Contract Templating and view campaign
Letters of intent from well-known retailers and brands
Token Sale
Q4 2018
Alpha release URP: Specifications
bringing to perfection-Cooperation with the first dApps
Integration with self-service identity service (SSIS))
Customer application development
Retail interface development (campaign Manager)
Launch pilots in the test network for on-Board retailers and brands
Q1 2019
Integration of other dApps into the test network
Security testing
Bounty campaign for beta testers
Publication of the first results of pilot testing
Q2 2019
A marketing campaign aimed at the adoption of large-scale buyers
Brand expansion and retail
Vacation on the main network
Run application-buyer at the app stores: markers are used to reward for any trade actions that can be certified dApps implementing URP
Q3 2019
The deployment of the URP for the early adoption of brands and retailers.
Other dApps join the Protocol to reward all online behavior
Q4 2019
The beginning of international expansion in Europe and China
Q1 2020
International expansion to North and South America
Optimization tokeneke Protocol
Q2 2020
URP global scaling
all aspects of shopper behavior can now be rewarded via URP

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Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951


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