Godfathers of Memphis, Black Nobility in the USA

The Italian Mafia have been plotting a take over in the United States for decades under directions from their owners the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility carried out a feigned retreat on La Cosa Nostra to get them out of the headlines in the 1980's as part of their plot to take over. Michael Franzese made it appear that he left the Colonna owned Colombo Crime family however he is the hidden top boss giving the orders covertly. The Gotti family also made it appear they got out of organized crime however John Gotti Jr. is the hidden acting boss of the Gaetani owned Gambino Crime family. Daniel Leo is one of the highest level bosses of the Savoy owned Genovese crime family that is not incarcerated and may be the true acting boss today while being advised by Dominick Cirillo. Liborio Bellomo is a boss of the Genovese crime family however is propped up to distract from Danny Leo.

Vincent Badalamenti appears to be the real boss of the Boncompagni-Ludovisi owned Bonanno crime family while he cleverly shifted focus on his right hand man Michael Mancuso who is incarcerated and his assistant Tommy DiFiore. They are both considered top bosses above Vincent Badalementi but they are not. The Lucchese crime family has been weakened and in place the Albanian Rudaj Organization has taken over. I believe Gambino associate Nardino Colotti is running the Rudaj Organization while Alex Rudaj advises him from prison. Franzese, Gotti, Leo, Badalementi, and Colotti are the top five bosses of New York's Five Families today. The Greek Valentzas crime family work closely with the Pallavicini owned Lucchese crime family which still have influences in organized crime. The Chicago Outfit is working with some of the Mexican drug cartels and Mexican mafia and are competitors with the Five Families. Al Capone a founder of the Chicago Outfit was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi which still exist today.

Along with the Five Families are various other equally powerful Italian crime families including the DeCavalcante crime family and Girolamo Palermo and possibly Vincent Palermo as a triple agent as former boss turned informant that still covertly gives the orders. The Chicago Outfit and John DiFronzo, the Detroit Partnership and Jack Giacalone, and the Los Angeles crime family managed by the Gambino family. The Patriarca crime family with Luigi Manocchio still giving the orders along with Carmen Dinunzio. The Philadelphia Crime Family and boss Joey "The Wizard" Merlino. The Magaddino crime family of Buffalo and boss Joseph Todaro Jr. and his enforcer Anthony Todaro, the French princely House of Orleans owned New Orleans crime family and Joseph Gagliano, the Kansas City crime family, the Licavoli crime family and the Denver crime family which are feigning retreat. The Rizzuto crime family and the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia operate in Canada and run La Cosa Nostra's South American drug lines.

Other high level made men include the incarcerated Carmine Persico an adviser for the Colombo crime family, and John Gambino, Frank Cali, Tommaso Gambino, and Rosario Gambino and they manage the Adragni owned Los Angeles crime family today. The Sicilian princely House of Adragni used their Dragna family relatives to build up the Los Angeles crime family. The House of Adragni also run many factions of the Ndrangheta. The Philadelphia crime family's members literally have the same last names as Black Nobility of Rome. George Borgesi like the Borghese princely family, Joseph Massimino like the Massimo princely family, and Michael Lancelotti like the Lancellotti princely family. The Massimo's have a family branch merged with the Lancellotti family and are presently intermarried with the Borghese family. The Italian Mafia make tens of billions per year through extortion, insurance fraud, heroin trafficking, gambling, business fraud, loan sharking, and more. They pay their dues back to the Sicilian factions which then pay dues back to the Black Nobility.

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