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Remote verification is useful in many areas of life, before you are several examples where it will be indispensable:

When carrying out financial transactions (signature, passport verification, confirmation of identity and order, receipt of a card), the bank requires your presence.

When buying or renting a car, you need to check not only the car, but also the documents of both parties to the transaction. Check for a driver's license - when renting a car.

When you buy goods through the Internet, the parcel is put not what you ordered, or not all goods. And also, if you can not receive the parcel yourself, or the goods are damaged upon delivery.

When registering with the service, you can not personally attend the office of the company.

When you need a trip to the office for the presentation of documents to register with the taxi service (Yandex.Taxi, Uber).

If you have doubts that a friend on the dating site provided reliable information.

To sign the contract, it is necessary to confirm the fact of the signature, the signature date and the personalities of the signatories.

When the goods are shipped from another region, it is necessary to confirm the fact of shipment of goods of the appropriate quality in the preserved packaging.

If you need a notarization or a witness, you or the other party.

When registering for trading on the online exchange requires the confirmation of personal data.

If you need to increase the credibility of your ad when you sell or rent housing through online sites.

When you need a personal presence and a package of documents for obtaining microloans and loans.

If necessary, reliable transfer to a third party of cash or a purse with a crypto currency.

When an independent inspection of the office or home is required.

In all of the above problems, Verifier agents will help you. They are next door and are waiting for your request for the provision of verification services. Wherever you are in any part of the world, Verifier will provide you with services to verify identity, receive goods, verify information and in other scenarios where trusted assistants are needed. Verifier agents will respond to your request, will do everything quickly, safely and inexpensively.
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