Technology blockchaine is being introduced into our lives

Technology blockchaine is increasingly being introduced into our lives. Verifier uses it to verify all types of transactions, data transfer and events. Thanks to blockchaine technology, verification is fast, accurate, and most importantly safe. This service can be used on the Internet and on the ground.

Service Verifier uses the Uber model, it is optimal in conducting direct transactions between customers and service providers. You can use the service through the web version or through the application for smartphones and tablets.

If it is necessary to confirm the identity or any fact, the service randomly selects the responsible agents (verificators) who are ready to go to the site on demand and present evidence in the form of photos, videos and other materials.

At this time, the project is conducted by ICO, and you can buy tokens at an attractive price. For more information, visit the official website: and in the group:

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