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Verifier is an innovative technology for verifying any data.

The Verifier Action Platform solves many of our problems in various areas of our lives. Verifier offers verification of not only the personality, but also the events. To do this, the developers used the verification as an approved solution and implemented it in the business problems. They created a decentralized network of independent agents (DNV), verifiers. They can become any person who decided to work as a verifier and passed the filter system (testing, testing, training, performed test tasks, internal selection, etc.). With its help it is possible to verify:

  • The identity of the client (KYC), and the self-certification service for self is free.
  • Real estate or car: location and compliance with the claimed.
  • Deal: whether it was committed at the named time, declared by the people.

You can quickly use the services of verification of any real-world objects: banking, business, notarial sphere, rent and purchase of housing, marketing research, internet trading, auto business, dating sites and many others.

The Verifier team consists of professionals. They have extensive experience in IT business, and more than 50 successful business projects.

At this time, the project is conducted by ICO, and you can buy tokens at an attractive price. For more information, visit the official website: Or in a group:

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