[Video Blog #42] - Is This The Corporate Takeover Of Our Monetary System?

I feel that in the future we will see a deliberate shift in our mentality to a corporate derived, community driven, monetary system with no country based currencies however a series of neutral, no boundaries style branded entities on specific blockchain super computers with global and regional currencies also being available.

The race is on to create the ultimate blockchain with all the relevant services that legitimises the super computer of the future.

Examples of Possible Super Blockchains:

  • Digibyte (Digusign and DigiGaming)
  • Graphene (Bitshares, EOS and Steem)
  • Ethereum (Aragon, Golem and Tokencard)
Is this the big move away from flawed governmental ideology and a very clever way of connecting society to the corporate beast?

Will we have to accept the mark of the beast?

What do you see happening in the future?

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Have a great day!

~ Sebastian


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