[Video Blog #80] EOS - Decentralising Governance Via DAPPS (Dan Larimer Statement)(cryptocurrecy)

Please watch my video for my perspective and review.

Imagine a world where we use Blockchain technology to create a voluntary society where all our governance is run through a decentralised governance application.

No more politicians.

No more corrupted political parties.

No more corporate bribes and manipluation that result in the abuse of men and women around the world.

EOS will provide such a platform in order to create decentralised applications that allows for genuine consent, mutual contracts and transparency with the speed and technology required for it to happen.

Stop voting for illegitimate governments and start voting for change.

Imagine owning tokens/shares of all the necessary elements of running a society, voluntarily and without GOVERNMENT itself.

Make the government obsolete.

The Roman Empire will officially fall if we all support such a direction.

We could buy tokens and contribute via seamless voting on a voluntary basis in the following departments:

  • Free Energy & Alternative Energy
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Health & Welfare
  • Toursim
  • Entertainment
  • International Affairs
  • Import and Export
  • Many more....
This is a future I want to be a part of and a future that I would want to bring my children up into.

The next generation relies on this concept and will come under heavy fire from the illegitimate corporations and governments already in place as they will lose their power and control to the people.

The way it should be.

What are your thoughts on this?

~ Sebastian

Supplied Video Extract:

Jeff interviews returning guest, developer of Steem and EOS, Dan Larimer. Topics include: Dan leaving Steemit to develop the EOS platform, EOS a smart contract platform with greatly improved usability and scalability, blockchain development, whats going on with BitShares, bringing crypto to the masses requires massive scaling, millions of transactions per second, fast smart contracts, running code on the blockchain without need for permission, multiple simultaneous applications, designed to deliver on Ethereum's promises, very fast confirmation without fees, a killer platform for decentralized applications, decentralized governance making governments irrelevant, international dispute resolution, free market solutions for securing life liberty and property

EOS website: https://eos.io/

Dan Larimer on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dantheman

Anarchapulco 2018: https://anarchapulco.com/

Anarchast: http://anarchast.com/


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