Virtual Rehab

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce to you a project that is Virtual Rehab

Virtual Rehab promote advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to manage pain, prevent substance use disorders and recovery the repeat offenders. Comprehensive solution of Virtual Rehab, including the services, in the context of telemedicine, and can be expanded for the individual user of recovery solution, virtual to serve the market B2C, outside the hospital, center, rehabilitation, correctional facilities and others to serve the B2B market. Moreover, by using blockchain technology.

Comprehensive solution of Virtual Rehab include:
Virtual reality - virtual simulation of the real world, using cognitive behavior and therapy exposure to the trigger and deal with the temptations
Artificial intelligence - An expert system unique to identify the areas of risk, given treatment recommendations and predict behavior after treatment
Blockchain - A network security to ensure privacy and hierarchy of all the data and all the information related to populations vulnerable
Token VRH - token utility ERC-20 allows users to buy services and be rewarded for seeking help through the online portal of the Virtual Rehab

The achievements Virtual Rehab highlights:

Solutions based on proof with the proven results have been approved by doctors, psychologists and therapists.
87% of participants reported overall improvement through the different data
Be evaluated by the director of The government of the United States is "very promising for the public service"
Only company, VR / AI new is put on The U.s. department of justice, report of the Institute of Environmental restoration
Partnership agreements in place across North America, Europe, Middle East and APEC
Is the sole representative for Canada is part of the mission of Canada for Medical Arabic
Selected as one of the companies life sciences Canada's most promising
Be appreciated by the leadership team of Microsoft at Microsoft Inspire Innovation Session
Nominated by The Wall Street Journal for the WSJ D. Live Startup Showcase
Is media Spain ranked as the first choice for staff education and rehabilitation of the offender using virtual reality
Characterized by the media in 28 countries.
Information about Virtual Rehab reference

Name token: VRH
Token type standard ERC-20
Category: health care
Semi-private: 01 January 8, 2018 - 31 January 8, 2018
Public sale: 01 April 9 2018 - march 14, 9 2018
Semi-main : 15 months 9 2018 - 14 years 10 years 2018
Soft cap: $5.000.000
Hard hat: $20.000.000
Total supply: the 400,000,000 VRH
Units accepted: ETH, BNB
Price token: 1VRH=0.1$
Minimum investment: 100$
Prohibited countries: United States, New Zealand, China, south Korea

Quarter 3 year 2018:
Complete and release paper Virtual Rehab
Continue to activity marketing and advertising
Start and complete Pre-Sale VRH Token
Start major sale of token VRH

The 4th quarter of 2018:
Completed major sale of token VRH
Distribution Code notification VRH for the collaborators
Listed on the exchange hierarchy
Discuss with the Top 10 exchange
Opened Office Virtual new Rehab in America
Hire new staff on the various functions
Additional advisors new
Continue product development
Continue to activity marketing and advertising

Quarter 1 year 2019
GitHub Release
New listing on the Top 10 Exchange
Continue product development
Updates white paper Virtual Rehab
Updates website Virtual Rehab
Announcements about new partnerships in the americas market
Continue to activity marketing and advertising

Q2 2019
Launch port Virtual Rehab
New listing on the Top 10 Exchange
Continue product development
Announce new partnerships in the market, APAC / MENA
Updates GitHub
Continue to activity marketing and advertising

Q3 2019
New features deployed on the Virtual Rehab
New listing on the Top 10 Exchange
Announce new partnerships in the European market
Updates GitHub
Office opened in Virtual Rehab new in the European region / MENA
Continue to activity marketing and advertising

Q4 2019

New features deployed on the Virtual Rehab
Opened treatment center recovery Virtual Rehab
New features deployed on the Virtual Rehab
Announcements about the new partnership
Continue to activity marketing and advertising
Updates white paper Virtual Rehab
Updates website Virtual Rehab
Updates GitHub
Roadmap released 2020 – 2022

Group and advisor

Raji Wahidy: founder and Ceo
Amal Azzeh : Co-founder & Chief financial officer
Brad Martin : Lead Tech (Consulting)
Pankaj Jain : technical advice)
Jamie Benizri: Legal (Consulting)
Donald Cox : VP & Chief information Security
Karen Hurst : Futurist & Lead Arch @ Kaiser Permanente
Philip Fasano: Ceo C-Level
Larry Wray : dean Wray Consulting
Jeffrey Pfeifer: Associate professor of psychology forensic @ SUT
Bobbie Ticknor: Associate professor @ Valdosta State University

Recovery virtual has been characterized by more than 28 countries around the world.
Below is a collage of some of the coverage the media that the group recovery virtual get. You can read through the various posts by visiting the following:

But it's also a well-known fact that a lot of money is wasted, because it does not address the root causes that cause people to offend in the first place. About 68% of the 405,000 prisoners released in 30 US states were arrested for new crimes within three years after they were released from prison, and 77% were arrested within five years, according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The State Prisoners Recidivism report also shows that within five years of release, 82% of property agents were arrested for new crimes, compared with 77% of drug offenders, 74% of public order offenders and 71% of perpetrators of violence.

The key to reversing the toxic - and extremely expensive - trend is to rehabilitate, not just punish, believe Wahidy.
"We believe that putting children in a corner does not teach them how to be a better person but teaches them not to get caught," he said. So the scope of their tools includes education - not just curriculum materials but soft skills and correctional programs - as well as job training and Psychological Rehabilitation.

"Virtual Rehab not only aims to improve the progress in technology to revolutionize the way inmates and prisons are currently operating, but also to give back and fulfill their moral obligations to the world community."
Virtual Rehab was launched softly in December ahead of a larger-scale campaign that was broadcast live on March 1, 2017. Today they just released the first teaser video that gives a feel for what it looks like: A live simulation of immersive activity that prisoners can involved.

The potential of VR as an educational tool is becoming more widespread across the board, but this type of use has added advantages in the fact that detainees can access training within their physical environment, without sacrificing society. security during the rehabilitation process. This is of course the area where Virtual Reality can make a big and positive impact on society, so we'll follow the next step with great interest!
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