Welcome my dear readers. How diverse our world is developing rapidly.Technology has stepped forward, and the previously unknown blockchain becomes an ordinary thing for us. Today, having gathered and analyzed a number of sites, I have prepared for you the next reviews. You read, read, and take La solution. The fifth today my review about a young but rapidly developing project and this project is called Vit Strategy - it is easy, comfort and safety of taxi transportation.

Each of us at least once in life made a trip by taxi. And if you are in your country or your city, it does not present any difficulties. But once you cross the border of a foreign state, as many of us panic.

Because we all know that tourists abroad are often a convenient target for dishonest taxi drivers.

Fans of traveling to distant countries have long made for themselves a "black" list of countries and cities where you need to be extremely careful and attentive because of such crime.

Taxi service in developing countries is not so hot, and sometimes there is no at all. Hope for public transport in these countries is not necessary, and it turns out that the only means of transportation is a taxi.

Many companies have engaged in and continue to promote and improve taxi services around the world to make taxi trips inexpensive, comfortable and safe.

Leading countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and others can already boast of achievements in this service sector. But the prospects for the growth of this market still remain.
The high-performance platform of the new generation offers the following solutions:

Dag Ledger. All transactions in the Vite will be allocated to accounts. This means that one transaction will change the state of one account. Sent transactions are separated from the receive transactions, so there is no need to wait for the transfer to finish to create the next one. The hierarchical system of the consensus algorithm enables horizontal scalability in consensus groups;
Asynchronous architecture. Platform rasprobyvat operations on pairs of transactions that match the pattern "request-reply". Recording and checking transactions are asynchronously split, thus maintaining a high level of bandwidth. The connection between the contracts is based on the model of asynchronous message exchange;
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But, unfortunately, not all people living in developing countries can afford to ride a taxi and stay safe or not be robbed.

It is not enough of this service to the people of Africa, where the population of cities is growing from year to year.

Vit team offers its model for the development of this business in developing countries of Africa.

This model is simple and easy to use.

Taxis can be called from any area covered by this service.This can be done through the app for Android or IOS on your smartphone, by simply pressing a button.

And thanks to the presence of a sufficient number of free drivers in the network, it will be possible to reduce the waiting time for a taxi to a few minutes.

All drivers and all vehicles will be carefully inspected before going to work to make the journey safe for passengers.

Drivers who will work on this platform, too, will be in a better position, as the movement of their cars can be tracked on the map. And they will not need to fear for their lives and their wallet, as all orders will be recorded.

Payment for the trip will be carried out by Bank transfer, a unique digital currency Vit token, from the client's wallet to the driver's wallet.

First, the Vit team offers passengers to purchase Vit tokens for cash or via credit card. In the future, because of its convenience, digital money will completely replace another currency and will be used to pay for travel on transport everywhere.

Customers who will have this app on their mobile phone can book a trip at any convenient time without problems.

Thanks to the rapid and widespread use of the Internet, now the inhabitants of Africa with the help of mobile e-wallets can pay bills, transfer money from account to account and much more.

In order to access the Vit app you will need to enter your pin code.

Vit business model will help drivers to earn more, while 5-10% of earnings will be transferred to the Vite impact Fund(VIF), to support the technological infrastructure of Vite, addressing road safety issues in the area of coverage of this service.

In addition, the system will provide new jobs for drivers and improve working conditions and pay for already working drivers.

Vit is a company that will revolutionize the taxi industry in Africa. To do this, it offers to widely use the latest Blockchain technology, the use of cryptocurrency and will directly connect the carrier and the client.
Vit has already signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of transport of Mauritius, which will promote this service among the population and make the Vite brand popular among the population and tourists.
The team acknowledges that there are shortcomings in the Current hdpos consensus. This will be another direction to optimize and improve the consistent algorithm.
Optimizing the virtual machine is also very important to reduce latency and improve system throughput. EVM has a simple design and a small set of instructions, so you will need to develop a more powerful virtual machine in the future, define a smart contract programming language with more description capabilities and fewer security vulnerabilities.

In addition to the core functions of the Vite, the creation of supporting facilities that support the development of the ecosystem is also an important aspect. In addition to the SDK support for dApp developers, it will be possible, for example, to build a dapplet engine based on HTML5 directly on a mobile device in the Vite wallet application. This will allow you to develop and publish dApp at a low price.

Project team
The team is assembled very good. There are a lot of experts in the field of blockchain and experienced developers. Pleased with the presence of experienced financiers among them.

Charles (Charles – listed on the site, on linkedin by Liu Chunmin) is the founder. The blockchain is an entrepreneur and technical expert. He graduated from the Chinese University of science and technology And the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Former architect, co-founder of Coinport, and engineering Director of Meituan Dianping. Extensive experience in distributed systems and systems with a high level of parallelism.
Richard (Richard Yan) - chief operating officer. An experienced wall street specialist. He graduated from Dartmouth College and MBA at new York University. Previously structured strategic trader at Goldman Sachs and Vice President of Two Sigma platform as well as Business Innovation & Growth.
Ming Wu (Ming Wu) is an Experienced scientist.He was educated at The Chinese University of science and technology And the Institute of computer science of the Academy of Sciences of China. Senior research fellow at Microsoft Research Institute, Asia. candidate of Sciences. Advisor at the Chinese University of science and technology. Published 10+ papers in distributed systems and artificial intelligence.



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