Blockchain-based Video Sharing Platform Viuly Achieves Milestone of 1 Million Users

Blockchain Technology is being used by a variety of decentralized startups for different functions including record keeping, banking and video sharing. The video sharing industry is dominated by the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, etc that have a tight grip on operations and little regard for mass participation and user privacy. Decentralization offers a way out for billions of video viewers around the world.

Viuly, a growing decentralized video sharing platform has recently announced that its user base has grown to a healthy 1 million users​ and 70,000 channels with more to come. Viuly is well known for not charging its video uploaders any fees for displaying their content and an effective incentivization program that sees participants earn its tradeable VIU cryptocurrency in exchange for their activity on the platform.

Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet:


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