What ever you think and imagine, with Blockchain technology we can buy our dreams, such as luxury homes, luxury cars and so forth. Just imagine the development of Blockchain technology is now growing rapidly, all have been using technology.
and one of them is VIVA.

VIVA is a company that provides property and loan services using Blockchain's technology system through smart contracts, and Viva's financing system uses intelligent contract technology to directly connect home buyers and lenders, introduce free markets and eliminate the need to rely on large companies to finance & buy a home!

Viva Platform

To get an overview of the Viva Platform Network architecture, we describe it to be a different logical unit. It's basically a collection of several separate cluster systems, often interacting via the RESTful API, with events that can be audited blockchain and smart contracts. These component representations are only for conceptual purposes only, and will be fully integrated at the user level. The main system consisting of Viva Network Platform is:


We believe that the most effective solution to the global disparity of economic wealth is technological progress. Blockchain technology is an innovation that has proven its ability to decentralize and disrupt some of the world's largest industries.
Viva aims to revolutionize the ancient mortgage lending industry by cutting out intermediaries and decentralizing processes, thereby applying a fundamentally more accessible and transparent financing approach. We believe that Viva technology will increase the availability of credit to borrowers and for the first time allow non-institutional investors to participate in consistent earnings, backed by assets related to mortgage investments, a product that has traditionally been reserved for large financial institutions. Furthermore, by letting the free market dictate the risks and related value of each mortgage - as opposed to the bank - we expect to see more just the price of the mortgage. The Viva platform will be exploited by them in the developed and developing world alike, enabling the world to take a big step toward equality of geographical wealth - by breaking down obstacles and leaving both parties better.


Our mission is to disrupt the mortgage industry allowing buyers and home sellers to establish self-regulation. Every individual, from any country in the world, will have access to credit financing for loan houses through Viva Platform's decentralized open market network.
In addition, Viva's function as an investment and savings platform accessible only by mobile means that all Viva users will have access to credit financing, savings and investments, and secure transactions supported by standard blockchain services - regardless of the country where they live.

Exchange Viva FMS app

Once the mortgage has successfully performed crowdfunding using the Fractionalized Mortgage Shares, it will become available for sale on the exclusive Viva FMS Application Exchange located at Viva Network Peron. The application will operate similar to a typical online cryptocurrency exchange, and FMS will trade in a manner similar to any revised earnings guarantee. Investors will be able to use this platform to buy (bid) and sell (ask) FMS investment.
These applications include data analytics tools, graphs and functionality that categorize all FMS securities based on risk rating, yield, duration, IRR, etc. with customized portfolio recommendations and automation available to the average investor. In the Viva FMS Exchange application, the investor will be able to simply click on the FMS and the individual view full details.

1 Credit rating of the borrower;

2 The borrower's creditworthiness details include: Age, employment status, payment history, credit
score, income, other relevant financial liabilities, ability to repay debt (interest coverage ratio);

3 Two standard, ranking-based risk algorithms (Grading System 1 & 2);

4 All asset details include: Value, address / location, size, age and quality of physical structure, homeowner level of insurance, etc.;

5 Standard Viva Recommendation Terms;

6 All terms of the mortgage contract include: duration, yield, interest rate (and date of VIVA / USD FX rate at that date), loan-to-value at the underlying facility, etc.

How it works

How it works VIVANetwork:

VIVA Token

VIVA Tokens ("VIVA") is a toll-based ERC20 Ethereum blockchain, designed to provide utilities in the exclusive application of The Viva Network Platform. VIVA will initially be distributed, to the early adherents of our vision to the Viva Network Platform, in recognition of the contributions made during Token Generation Events. If we successfully carry our vision of the Viva Network Platform to the results, we intend for VIVA to provide token holders with many valuable functions as described in the White Book. Going forward, we intend to create an internal economy within The Viva Network and its ever-evolving platform application, where VIVA will act as an "in-app currency" that serves as an integral driving force for incentive-based ecosystems.

Event Details Generation Token

=> Hard Cap Generation Token Generation: 3,000,000,000 VIVA tokens

=> Hard-cap ETH: 6.870 ETH
Pre-Sales Round 1

=> Bonus Token: 40%

=> ETH lift hard-cap: 500 ETH
Pre-Sales Round 2

=> Bonus Token: 35%

=> ETH lifted hard-cap: 2,570 ETH
Pre-Sales Round 3

=> Token bonus: 30%

=> ETH lifted hard-cap: 6.870 ETH

Token Distribution

The total number of tokens that ever existed was 4 billion VIVA
75% - Event Token Generation Distribution
7.5% - Team Allocation
3.75% - Allocation Advisor
10% - Fund Reserve Allocation
3.75% - Allocation of Marketing Contribution, Bounty, and Private


May 2016 - Inception of original idea.
June 2017 - Exploration of the blockchain ecosystem to identify appropriate core technologies.
July 2017 - Planning of high-end service-oriented architecture of Viva Platform.
August 2017 - Exploration and feasibility analysis data.
Nov 2017 - Developing Value Assessment Algorithm 1.0.
Q1 & Q2 - 2018 - Launch of Generation Token Events and MVP development. Start a large-scale marketing campaign.
Q3 - 2018 - Develop Real Value 2.0 Application. Get legal and regulatory licenses.
Q4 - 2018 - Launches the Real Value 2.0 application. Finalization of exclusive ML algorithms.
Q1 - 2019 - Begin the gradual launch of the Viva Network Platform.
Q2 - 2019 - Launch Viva Network Platform and successful first home loanfundund with Viva mortgage financing system.

Further information


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