Joys Digital developed cryptocurrency for VneshEconomBank

VEB (VneshEconomBank) blockchain center issues its own cryptocurrency — with the help of Joys Digital. Now “VEB coins” are used only by residents of the VEB's blockchain center, but in the future the payment service will be offered to other companies.
"VEB coins" cryptocurrency was developed by the company Joys Digital, deployed in the center of VEB. It develops a payment service that allows you to legally pay with the cryptocurrency in stores — processing, cashier application, mobile application and management cabinet of this system. The company adapted its product for internal use of VEB.
In the long term, such a system can be used as an internal system of mutual settlements and motivation in any company, as well as in loyalty programs for clients. The product can be used for internal accounting in any organization.

Read a full article here (available in Russian):

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Joys представляет собой глобальную открытую блокчейн-платформу, позволяющую использовать практически любые криптовалюты и токены для оплаты товаров и услуг.

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